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14 okt. 2020




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Joe Turner
Joe Turner 5 dagen geleden
Mark probably wouldn't want anybody examining everything in his life. Guy made a mistake... No one was hurt..
Paul Cagna
Paul Cagna 6 dagen geleden
He did the 3. ahahah That was a good segway, the banter is great.
Justin g
Justin g 6 dagen geleden
Give covid to the whole NFC East and see if they get better at football
uarelikeme 6 dagen geleden
1:01:37 - most hyped i've ever gotten about Fanduel.
Keith Chaffin
Keith Chaffin 6 dagen geleden
female mountain lions have a range of over 200 miles i believe and males are around 400 miles, so seeing a mountain lion in the same spot is probably not likely but still possible obviously. most ppl won't see mountain lions in the wild but I was backpacking the PCT in Southern California and the place we stopped at for the night had just had a younger mountain lion show up the night before and they warned us to be cautious when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night
deanbalboa 6 dagen geleden
Are we sure Gumpy is actually Canadian? Saying Moose Jaw is east coast?!?
Andrew Vreibel
Andrew Vreibel 6 dagen geleden
The mountain lion bit is top notch
Noah Litman
Noah Litman 6 dagen geleden
Shaun Singletary
Shaun Singletary 6 dagen geleden
Chris Dropulich
Chris Dropulich 6 dagen geleden
Boston Conor😂😂😂😂😂🤑
Bribri5 6 dagen geleden
Thing with Bell is he can be bit of a difficult character and that has been well documented. With his massive paypacket and his age/lack of play would it be really worth it? Is it really worth having a massive ego in your facility who probably won't buy into your teams culture and philosophy. If one team could handle his character it could be the pats but it would mean he'd have to buy in completely
Dennis TheGreat Corpas
Dennis TheGreat Corpas 6 dagen geleden
I can see pat rilling up the team for a come back as a QB
Kevin L.
Kevin L. 6 dagen geleden
Great having Andrew Brandt on again! It's been a while, he's a great guest.
Singhston 6 dagen geleden
What was the name of that motivation song and artist? Asking for a friend..
MFFL_77 6 dagen geleden
Lmao he said Mustafa 💀
Wes Booth
Wes Booth 6 dagen geleden
Lost my mind when the Bret Hart impression came out!! Repping the YYC! Calgary all day!
Sir Jett
Sir Jett 6 dagen geleden
Id never tell another man to give someone a raise especially Sir McAfee money bags, but with that add Boston Conner deserves a dope ass title in the office.
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero 6 dagen geleden
Man I really want bell in New England
Aaron Gomez
Aaron Gomez 6 dagen geleden
Billy tubes is a big scumbag
Mac Stacks
Mac Stacks 6 dagen geleden
Cbs decided to keep the original team on for the broadcast. I read an article about it. From the producer to the announcers they just kept the same people there's a whole article about it.
Diamond D
Diamond D 6 dagen geleden
Magic man Lev bell story was F@%KIN FUNNY!
Christopher Michaels
Christopher Michaels 6 dagen geleden
great show as usual
David Loera
David Loera 7 dagen geleden
USA futsal = Brazilian favela U12 futsal
Ruben Valadez
Ruben Valadez 7 dagen geleden
Ben Martin
Ben Martin 7 dagen geleden
25:05 Ty’s stare when Conner said “it’s a tough life being a Patriots fan”😂
Luke Logan
Luke Logan 7 dagen geleden
Anyone know the name of the song they were jamming out to in the second hour??
Maki Thagod
Maki Thagod 7 dagen geleden
Big seatbelt show
Clifford Gallegos
Clifford Gallegos 7 dagen geleden
Andrew Brandt is a high quality under the radar guest.. I feel like if you keep prying there is a big time gem in there.
93Dillon 7 dagen geleden
Yo congrats on 1 mill pat!
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 7 dagen geleden
Connor been killin it lately
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 7 dagen geleden
Ya'll missed the fine print at the bottom of Florio and PFT's article lol , it's not going to void anything besides his game check.
cuzzo trillo
cuzzo trillo 7 dagen geleden
Who else miss mcafee and hawk the actual show
Antonio Evans
Antonio Evans 7 dagen geleden
Ben Crook
Ben Crook 7 dagen geleden
Josh didn’t even have a bad game, yeah that pick was bad but come on guys
mtrujillo1973 7 dagen geleden
It was bad for me. I needed 1 more point...just ONE
Zach H
Zach H 7 dagen geleden
Hey, cool sean payton
Rudski 7 dagen geleden
Lol Malcom Bulter has actually been REALLY good the last 2-3 years, although he hurt his wrist late last year. He has like 4 or 5 game sealing INTs with the Titans alone, tho he was not great his first maybe 8 games with Tennessee EDIT: Also yes the commentators were just pulled over from the Sunday guys which kinda sucked but it wasn't too awful
SoxArizona 7 dagen geleden
They don't want Eli doing games because he isn't the most articulate human
SteelersLakersFan 6 dagen geleden
You know Eli?
Chalmer Swanson
Chalmer Swanson 6 dagen geleden
Understatement of the decade lol
Paul Cagna
Paul Cagna 7 dagen geleden
Bell to Houston. It just makes sense.
CRU82 SS 7 dagen geleden
I pay attention to News and Politics.. probably a little too much. And this show is truly a much needed MENTAL VACATION!!! I can't thank the PMI crew enough!! Anyone who likes sports, comedy or both this is an absolute essential watch/listen everyday!!! Keep taking over the world PMI!!
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 6 dagen geleden
Stop watching the news. It’s all garbage to scare and control your thoughts.
D Payne
D Payne 7 dagen geleden
How many more pieces does these people think Brady needs. Every pro bowl player in the league I thought Tampa roster was top to bottom better than the patriots
Crammy Davis, Jr
Crammy Davis, Jr 7 dagen geleden
Ty’s face while dancing is hilarious and creepy
Swaggz52 7 dagen geleden
When is Peyton gettin on the show?!?
big facts
big facts 7 dagen geleden
how do you become a mcafee mafia member been listening to yinz for awhile back when uncle todd and heartland radio were killin
Kevin Bem
Kevin Bem 6 dagen geleden
I miss those days. Vibbs, jordyn, and big home Shaun Latham
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 7 dagen geleden
click the link in the description....
Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz 7 dagen geleden
People forget the BOAT Blake beat Tom Brady ...
Michael Daly
Michael Daly 7 dagen geleden
Dan O should not be driving and doing an interview at the same time. That is crazy!!! You can tell he is driving because you can see his garage opener on his visor.
Michael Daly
Michael Daly 7 dagen geleden
@This Guy you see him look at the phone repeatedly.
This Guy
This Guy 7 dagen geleden
Hands free isn't dangerous or crazy lol are you also afraid of talking while driving
Blaine Delaune
Blaine Delaune 7 dagen geleden
Is over 1,000,000 subs good?
Mark Okany
Mark Okany 7 dagen geleden
Are Bonita fish big?
Ian Magiskan
Ian Magiskan 7 dagen geleden
Man I wish I could watch live from the office!
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 7 dagen geleden
Hey stink, you forgot to mention when talking about Derrick Henry, he had 2 touchdowns, oh and you also forgot to mention that Ryan had 4 toouchdowns. If you’re going to talk stats, say the whole stat line pal
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 6 dagen geleden
@SteelersLakersFan point being, don’t tell half a story
SteelersLakersFan 6 dagen geleden
It’s not even about being a stats guy. Literally look at the box score if you’re gonna do a daily show
Jake Zarlingo
Jake Zarlingo 7 dagen geleden
@Ben Tuck I also probably wouldn’t bench him the next week either though. Doesn’t change the fact Stink isn’t a big stats guy
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 7 dagen geleden
@Jake Zarlingo right but if I told you Dwayne Haskins had 314 yards passing against ravens, you would point out he had 0 touchdowns
Jake Zarlingo
Jake Zarlingo 7 dagen geleden
He literally said he’s not a big stats guy soooooo 🤷🏼‍♂️
Lyla Mcdowell
Lyla Mcdowell 7 dagen geleden
I love the futsol talk cuz I play futsol and indoor soccer
JB Snoop
JB Snoop 7 dagen geleden
Le’Veon needs to go to the colts and run behind big Q that would awesome and would take a ton of pressure of rivers
Lyla Mcdowell
Lyla Mcdowell 7 dagen geleden
World Peace
World Peace 7 dagen geleden
Bell to the birdgang
Johnny Gaucin
Johnny Gaucin 7 dagen geleden
Melvin Gordon bashing show?!?!?
Johnny Gaucin
Johnny Gaucin 7 dagen geleden
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 7 dagen geleden glasses.
Double H H
Double H H 7 dagen geleden
Bell isn’t going to a team that already has a good 1 rb or veteran starting already. And no team will sign Lev bell unless he can live with that. With the season this deep already no organization wants to create locker room drama unnecessarily.
Schedule1ne315 7 dagen geleden
If that was Allen’s floor, the bills are in good shape.
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton 7 dagen geleden
Miss the old outro song with Mcafee and it doesn't show up anymore...
HTTRskins21 5 dagen geleden
AJ used to tackle quarterbacksss and hes a rust belt kinda guyyy *A J HAWK*
Logan Tester
Logan Tester 6 dagen geleden
We need it back @thepatmcafeeshow
Steven Pan
Steven Pan 6 dagen geleden
...kickin' piss missels through the skyyy...
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 7 dagen geleden
The only good thing from COViD was a 2 hour Mcafee and Hawk
Schedule1ne315 7 dagen geleden
Since when is coming off a bye week a detriment?
Lyla Mcdowell
Lyla Mcdowell 7 dagen geleden
The FanDuel add with just Boston Conor dressed in different costumes is hilarious
Adam Barnhart
Adam Barnhart 6 dagen geleden
Funny AD
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 6 dagen geleden
@Luke Logan it will end up being legal country wide eventually. Will be a snow ball effect the more states start to legalize it. Fortunately I’m in Canada so I don’t have to worry
anthony Madden
anthony Madden 7 dagen geleden
It’s literally THE best thing on the internet 🤣
Luke Logan
Luke Logan 7 dagen geleden
Not gonna lie they make me want to try it my state is voting on Lagan gambling this year hopefully it passes I’m down to try and I’ll pick straight from this show
Zach H
Zach H 7 dagen geleden
One of the first commercials I watched on purpose and rewatched by choice
Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers 7 dagen geleden
The mic hasn't been choked in a while :( im getting blue balls
Noah Waterman
Noah Waterman 7 dagen geleden
Where can we find that Colin Henry kid? He’s damn good
Private private
Private private 7 dagen geleden
They need to top player pay out at like 25m a year
Private private
Private private 2 dagen geleden
@J B I agree, 25m is a bit high still
J B 7 dagen geleden
Lol why?
Noah Bonhotel
Noah Bonhotel 7 dagen geleden
Somebody make a gif out of ty hittin that dance need that for when the parlay hits
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 6 dagen geleden
he was vibinnn eh Ahhaha was kind of a tough look tho
wangsta nation
wangsta nation 7 dagen geleden
How about denver? Munchak, the steelers old o line coach who was in Pittsburgh when bell was still there, can help bell succeed
SteelersLakersFan 6 dagen geleden
They have Gordon & Lindsay they don’t need him
Marwin Navarrete
Marwin Navarrete 7 dagen geleden
Let’s get HERBERT back on the show
Brenton Acorn
Brenton Acorn 7 dagen geleden
Michael Thomas the next AB?
Braden Hammond
Braden Hammond 7 dagen geleden
Mute Drums Daddy!!
Mute Drums Daddy!! 7 dagen geleden
Thurbertday!? Lol yup!
Gilbert Johnson
Gilbert Johnson 7 dagen geleden
Marshall Wacker
Marshall Wacker 7 dagen geleden
Pat your ability to be stoned as hell and talk is beyond admirable!!! Hey
SteelersLakersFan 6 dagen geleden
Dude acting like Pat’s doing something hard lol. A lotta people talk more when they’re high
Marshall Wacker
Marshall Wacker 6 dagen geleden
It’s called a compliment and it doesn’t need your negativity!
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 6 dagen geleden
@Arthur Rahman and also having confidence
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 7 dagen geleden
it's called building a tolerance ...
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny 7 dagen geleden
THURBERT DAY! make it a thing please i’m begging you!
Jakobs 7 dagen geleden
I think Lev Bell is going to the 49ers
Colby Kuns
Colby Kuns 7 dagen geleden
Lan Dry
Lan Dry 7 dagen geleden
You can eat to lose weight you just gotta eat right and watch the carbs
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa 6 dagen geleden
What's option 3?
El Draino
El Draino 6 dagen geleden
Count calories and u can eat to lose weight
Psychotropni Lachtan
Psychotropni Lachtan 7 dagen geleden
Guess i will have to come back when someone makes timestamps. Who has time to sit trough 3 hours every day ?
Kevin Bem
Kevin Bem 6 dagen geleden
@Orlando Horta yeah I mean now that the pod is only W and F, I just watch/listen to the entire show when I get a chance throughout the day
Radical Vlogs
Radical Vlogs 6 dagen geleden
@SteelersLakersFan You might be stupid.
SteelersLakersFan 6 dagen geleden
Most of Pat’s fans are prob 16 with no responsibilities
Steph Ched
Steph Ched 6 dagen geleden
Bro and a guy puts timestamps in the comments everyday
Orlando Horta
Orlando Horta 7 dagen geleden
I do
PMS Store
PMS Store 7 dagen geleden
TB 3
TB 3 7 dagen geleden
Bill O’Brien . Stay away from the sport you moose knuckle
T0nyMc716 7 dagen geleden
Ronald Jones is like 5th in rushing...Patriots don't pay people...Bell to Rams or Bears....maybe Eagles
T0nyMc716 6 dagen geleden
@Ryan Muzzin What happens after this year? Patriots would have to pay him...not my fault you don't have critical thinking skills. Pats won't pay him next year and Bell doesn't seem to be a ring chaser to sign for 1 and done
Ryan Muzzin
Ryan Muzzin 6 dagen geleden
The patriots wouldn’t have to pay him. Were you listening at all? Money comes from the jets if they give him a million. The other 5 comes from the jets. If they give him 2m, 4m comes from the jet BBC s.
James Laverty
James Laverty 7 dagen geleden
Are we going to catch Billy O' Stooge selling hotdogs in the stands this season? 🌭 🌭 🌭
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 7 dagen geleden
Dak prescott sucks get off his nuts. Prescott atlanta Ryan dallas
Lukrative 247
Lukrative 247 7 dagen geleden
Hope the chiefs pick up bell
The One & Only
The One & Only 7 dagen geleden
Tough day to be a Jets fan (well everyday is tough but this ones especially tough)
FatmanJonesTV 7 dagen geleden
I’d love to see him go somewhere like the cardinals. I really wish he’d come home to the Steelers 😂 but I don’t see that happening
Luke 7 dagen geleden
@Markey11 disagree homie don’t think it’d be anything like ab coming back
Blaine Delaune
Blaine Delaune 7 dagen geleden
Is over 1,000,000 subs good?
Markey11 7 dagen geleden
No that’d be like AB coming back just not so severely
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores 7 dagen geleden
Damn, titans are fr this year
Quan Chi
Quan Chi 7 dagen geleden
Trap game...
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 7 dagen geleden
intro song name?
Gary 509
Gary 509 7 dagen geleden
brody 7 dagen geleden
how’s it work? i had the 2.0 and it didn’t work at all. i cut myself shaving and asked them for a return. they told me to keep it and fully refund me
Dustin Cook
Dustin Cook 7 dagen geleden
Wpuld love to see my NY GIANTS pick up Belle for the year
Evergreen 7 dagen geleden
Russ gets sacked 5 times in the first half in a driving rain storm, still has 100% completion. Bad game, arod moves ahead mvp front runner. Josh allen loses to a team that hasn’t practiced in 2 weeks and throws 2 picks, won’t let that change his view
The One & Only
The One & Only 7 dagen geleden
Russ is MVP front runner Rodgers is #2 for me Idt Allen is close to either 2
William Woods
William Woods 7 dagen geleden
This has been getting be through all this unemployment garbage.... Thanks Pat
Josh 5 dagen geleden
Hang in there my friend
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 7 dagen geleden
We’ve done this time and time and time and time again. When y’all gonna stop betting against the titans?
SteelersLakersFan 6 dagen geleden
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 7 dagen geleden
@The One & Only chill bruh his name is Shane he’s had a rough time
Addison Peek
Addison Peek 7 dagen geleden
Meanwhile every titans fan just giggles in the background
The One & Only
The One & Only 7 dagen geleden
@Shane Westwood they’ve had 4 winnings seasons in a row
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 7 dagen geleden
@Shane Westwood ok Shane lmao
Schnell 7 dagen geleden
Hammer the over on AJs Cigar Hits’ - Easy Money
Avry 7 dagen geleden
Yessir. every time. he never disappoints
Private private
Private private 7 dagen geleden
Always take the over on how many fans pat will hang up on
Elliot 7 dagen geleden
Did they talk about the pro bowl being cancelled
Elliot 7 dagen geleden
@Gary 509 pats always said he wants it to be replaced with a skills competition, now it looks like it actually might be
Gary 509
Gary 509 7 dagen geleden
Pro bowl is trash now anyways I’m sure no one cares right? I def don’t lol
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 7 dagen geleden
5:07 ( Tuesday Night Football talk, Le"veon Bell Talk, Zito's Big Poll) 29:28 (Mark "Stink" Schlereth - Wanna lose weight don't eat and Melvin Gordon Talk) 1:05:04 (Andrew Brandt ) 1:36:15 ( Michael Thomas Drama, Phonecalls: Dak, Le"Veon going where, Billy Vs Diggs) 2:05:04 ( McAfee and Hawk Sports Talk: Coach Speak, More on MT, ProBowl Talk) 2:30:39 ( Dan Orlovsky, Barry O big fan of Pat, Cigar Over/Under, McAfee Mafee Zoom)
A A 7 dagen geleden
@Brandon Cody Dane Orslovsky**
Troy Forbes
Troy Forbes 7 dagen geleden
Thanks bro
PMS Store
PMS Store 7 dagen geleden
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody 7 dagen geleden
*Dan Orslovsky
Elliot 7 dagen geleden
Jon Ruger
Jon Ruger 7 dagen geleden
Chat was wild today
6Texasboi 7 dagen geleden
It was hilarious
Kyle Micel
Kyle Micel 7 dagen geleden
Legendary day for the chat today and for @avry
Avry 7 dagen geleden
Kyle Micel
Kyle Micel 7 dagen geleden
My kids have no food tonight because he destroyed the over.
Schnell 7 dagen geleden
Sorry to hear abaht your life savings but only 3 things in life are guaranteed, Death, Taxes, and AJ Hawk hitting the over
Gabriel pal
Gabriel pal 7 dagen geleden
Used to only watch the highlights now i watch the full podcast while i study everyday. Love yall N TALK BOUT THE STEELERS MORE
Richie Stu
Richie Stu 7 dagen geleden
Patty and the boys
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 7 dagen geleden
Best show on the planet HANDS DOWN. See you boys tomorrow 😎😎
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick 7 dagen geleden
Alfred Morris
Alfred Morris 7 dagen geleden