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7 okt. 2020




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Rodolfo Zambrano
Rodolfo Zambrano 15 dagen geleden
anybody know the dog box subscription name
Green Bricks & Cam
Green Bricks & Cam 16 dagen geleden
That moment of silence was a stoner moment . That’s why I’m subbed . Also rip Clyde
don primer
don primer 16 dagen geleden
non of the players are over 75. They have .001% chance of death. Better chance of lighting.
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 16 dagen geleden glasses.
Jake Haye
Jake Haye 16 dagen geleden
Dallas “you know” Clark
Erik McCandless
Erik McCandless 16 dagen geleden
I watch the whole show every damn day. And I gotta say. It’s literally the best part of it. You, the boys, and AJ are amazing. Also the guests you have on are always the best. Love the show so much. Thank you for this
Gunnar Matson
Gunnar Matson 16 dagen geleden
I think pat is gonna take over for Corso on game day when he retires
Dan Tholen
Dan Tholen 16 dagen geleden
Wednesdays with Charles Davis, please
Brent Naylor
Brent Naylor 16 dagen geleden
I love that AJ Hawk is on this show everyday
Mikey Adelberger
Mikey Adelberger 16 dagen geleden
I love how they went from bashing AJ to giving a moment of silence
Jacob F
Jacob F 16 dagen geleden
AJs mangled hands from chopping down Christmas trees with them.
Michael Morrisey
Michael Morrisey 16 dagen geleden
Even when I don't watch the show I'll click on it and hit the thumbs up because...well just cuz I love the show and Pat and The Boys deserve all the thumbs up!!
Ricky Plaisance
Ricky Plaisance 16 dagen geleden
Nothing will be as relieving as Pat and the boys mentioned that Charles was off with Jason Campbell lol.
Rob b
Rob b 16 dagen geleden
One more disrespectful jealous comment on lemarvelous Jackson from you salty far s and I'm AHT
superricky13 16 dagen geleden
Had to go watch some Hawk highlights after that story. Miss seeing LB play like this on the Packers!
rdizzy1 16 dagen geleden
The requirements to be in the drawing for the money for subs is utterly retarded, come on dude. You can't promise people they have a chance "just for being subbed" and then make them jump through a bunch of hoops, you can tell who is subbed and who isn't, look at your channel ffs. Have a simple program assign all subs a random number and run a random number generator, easy as that.
James Dobson
James Dobson 16 dagen geleden
Corey 16 dagen geleden
Be nice if we could enter if we don't have an Instagram or Twitter
RedMo46 16 dagen geleden
I wanna hear pat describe the rest of the teams boroughs
Josh Davies
Josh Davies 16 dagen geleden
Just watched it The Crimson Chin!
oscar solis
oscar solis 16 dagen geleden
Shout out to Frank Maraldo
Dalton Campbell
Dalton Campbell 16 dagen geleden
Mr Glitch
Mr Glitch 16 dagen geleden
Die hard Packers fan looks the part.
david fernandez
david fernandez 16 dagen geleden
Miss Pat choking out the microphone about every 20 minutes 😢
Brent Buchanan
Brent Buchanan 15 dagen geleden
Mary Woodard
Mary Woodard 16 dagen geleden
isekai quartet
BVBrocks927 17 dagen geleden
Charles Davis is a great guest
Kris B
Kris B 17 dagen geleden
Genuinely pretty cool for Boston Connor to triple mask up for visibility
Sean Hannon
Sean Hannon 17 dagen geleden
The Patriots are not the only team to lose their starting QB last second and still keep it close while playing the Chiefs. The Chargers did the same thing, does this speak more about the Chiefs than anything?
Zach H
Zach H 17 dagen geleden
That AJ HAWK chant was 100% warranted
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 17 dagen geleden
AJ rlly does look like Woody Harrelson on roids
Jeff Klein
Jeff Klein 17 dagen geleden
Let’s go pat and the boys pumped everyday for the show
Tom Bradley
Tom Bradley 17 dagen geleden
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin 17 dagen geleden
Go Cyclones.
Meghraj - Chargers FAN India #BoltUp
Best NFL related show out of all other shows which includes undisputed ESPN and Colin Cowherd ( I like the guests that come on his show and also this guy owns up to his mistakes which he makes a lot 😛) Love you Pat and Company from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
SuhMuhDudes 17 dagen geleden
Alex Smith is a great football player. Made my KC fan hood better. Helped mentor Patty Mahome-boi. I assume haskins is 3rd because they weren’t going to put Alex at 3rd. And maybe they want him to learn from Alex. Maybe they have a plan and people are overreacting and reaching?
Mac Stacks
Mac Stacks 17 dagen geleden
Why did ty sound Australian when he did the Memphis segment!? I'm dead
Mr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody 17 dagen geleden
You do you
You do you 17 dagen geleden
AJ Hawk needs his own 80's cop show.
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 17 dagen geleden
I'm not on Twitter but congrats to whoever wins and great of u guys to do that
Caleb Orde
Caleb Orde 17 dagen geleden
Tyrod Taylor can’t be the most unlucky qb he won a Super Bowl as a backup
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 17 dagen geleden
Thanks for entertaining me u guys r awesome
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 17 dagen geleden
How is there 65 thumb downs idiots great show
tek2g 17 dagen geleden
Did he just say Jason Campbell played in the 80s????? Edit shout out to the fellas for the fact check.
Mike McArthur
Mike McArthur 17 dagen geleden
I'm gonna call it, Haskins gonna end up with Ole Billy Boy in New England.
Dauid Ben Yahuda
Dauid Ben Yahuda 17 dagen geleden
The new trend in the NFL is that they are putting their young QB on the bench and letting their vets take the hit for this year...
The DreadNeck
The DreadNeck 17 dagen geleden
My stoned ass went to watch that AJ hawk pic and I'm finally back after an hour of random videos. Nice pic tho
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 16 dagen geleden
Tyler Addis
Tyler Addis 17 dagen geleden
You da man Pat great job keep it real
Oakley Skidmore
Oakley Skidmore 17 dagen geleden
Both of Herbert long TD passes there was blatant offensive holding no calls. At least 5 offensive holding no calls on Chargers in that game. Watch the tape
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez 17 dagen geleden
😂😂😂2:45:54 I laughed till my sides burst
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn 17 dagen geleden
The show turns up a notch when hawk comes on 💪🏻
Christopher Foster
Christopher Foster 17 dagen geleden
This has become my must listen to every day jam. Lol everything is so well done and most importantly fun and always making me laugh. Thank you guys
David West
David West 17 dagen geleden
This show has really improved my days over the last year. I feel sad if you don’t like Pat bc the energy and authentic nature of this show are amazing. Hope it stays this way.
Luke Hinman
Luke Hinman 17 dagen geleden
Can we get an official Dallas " the champ" Clark title
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 17 dagen geleden
Needed that AJ HAWK chant ❤ its been awhile
josh 17 dagen geleden
I’m surprised you guys haven’t had Michael badgley on the show
Abundance Yeh
Abundance Yeh 17 dagen geleden
1:06:48 Boston Connor gets it
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn 17 dagen geleden
Turn down for watt 😂😂
Kyle Vaughn
Kyle Vaughn 17 dagen geleden
This NFL season feels like an extended pre-season
Jon Dobrovech
Jon Dobrovech 17 dagen geleden
When Arrod went 7-9 , Rivers went 12-4 proof of what he said lol
05altimaser9 17 dagen geleden
You comin in this poool???
Moose 2_the_O
Moose 2_the_O 17 dagen geleden
Late 80’s/Early 90’s?? Dude, Jason Campbell graduated from Auburn in like ‘04.
Dennis TheGreat Corpas
Dennis TheGreat Corpas 17 dagen geleden
Aj made up for "dog" clyde story with the int story
ian philip yule
ian philip yule 17 dagen geleden
where is foxxy
GRIZZLY G 17 dagen geleden
What if JJ Watt takes over as the interim head coach for the Texans?
Ivanciu Valentin
Ivanciu Valentin 17 dagen geleden
Pat McAfee show is way better then 1st take , 2nd take and entire ESPN ....pat and them boys ...legends
Rollin Ron
Rollin Ron 16 dagen geleden
I'd agree with ya bub
Richard Dewdney
Richard Dewdney 16 dagen geleden
@Henry Fort t7ttgyyuyhhuhhhhhgy 7777I I think think 75it is that that that 5569mins 555mins I am
Richard Dewdney
Richard Dewdney 16 dagen geleden
@Henry Fort t7ttgyyuyhhuhhhhhgy 7777I I think think 75it is that that that 5569mins 555mins I am
Günther F
Günther F 16 dagen geleden
@Henry Fort define professional
Henry Fort
Henry Fort 17 dagen geleden
Cause its not professional
Ken Schnur
Ken Schnur 17 dagen geleden
Anyone know the name of the song they play before the show starts?
Zach H
Zach H 17 dagen geleden
We getting lit by twine
James martin
James martin 17 dagen geleden
Jordan Ta’amu attended New Mexico Military Institute. The alma mater of one Mr. Roger Staubach.
Tom McLain
Tom McLain 17 dagen geleden
The highlight film of AJ avoided contact until the kill. Hard to do as a LB Impressive oh athletic pick of Ben too.
Jamie Craig
Jamie Craig 17 dagen geleden
TheDonOfDuval 17 dagen geleden
Charles is dope. Bring em back!
Peter Williams
Peter Williams 17 dagen geleden
The AFL figured it out so maybe the NFL should get some advice from them lol
David Chapman
David Chapman 17 dagen geleden
As a cardinal fan, I think BOB is the greatest GM\coach of all time!!!
Jake Hellard
Jake Hellard 17 dagen geleden
Conspiracy theory alert! One of the boys mentioned that the maybe that the Patriots are maybe getting the antibodies for covid in their players early. Mmkay what if Mike Vrabel the one ex Pat to out willy ✔ bellicheck last season. Maybe he got the idea to get the jump on his whole team. BELLY ✔ figured out after and is getting them antIbodies into his team slower.
Derek Duhaime
Derek Duhaime 17 dagen geleden
That call was from @nelk. Couple of idiots eh?
Clifford Gallegos
Clifford Gallegos 17 dagen geleden
I listend to a lot of sports radio befor and I can't go back to it after listening to you boys for this long. Most hosts are so pretentious, so speculative, and I hated how they all treated their callers like telemarketers.
Liam Doyle
Liam Doyle 17 dagen geleden
Connor with that mask on looks like an Anime character lol
Mikey Tudrick
Mikey Tudrick 17 dagen geleden
No-one mentioned Cyclops Conor
BigBirdJerm 17 dagen geleden
This show made me forget ESPN exists
GTPEACE9R 75 17 dagen geleden
Conner is daily Masshole and now he’s being a maskhole. What a douche!
Marcus Marinella
Marcus Marinella 17 dagen geleden
love the energy from the dallas interview
Ben Tuck
Ben Tuck 17 dagen geleden
Damn pat you have quite a bit of horny scambots in this comment section
Disappointed Customer
Disappointed Customer 17 dagen geleden
2:15:35 Jabba the Watt 😂🤣💀
Lettie Vazq
Lettie Vazq 17 dagen geleden
James Laverty
James Laverty 17 dagen geleden
Charles Davis is probably my favorite interview on the show ngl! ✋ 👐
Doin MyThangg
Doin MyThangg 17 dagen geleden
One of, if not my favorite part of the show is when AJ gets introduced on and the boys do the bird calls. Great laugh every time 🤣👌🏻
truckinaway2004able 17 dagen geleden
RIP Clyde
Briant Rogers
Briant Rogers 17 dagen geleden
Best show to watch in Ny traffic lmao
ChumblesMumbles 17 dagen geleden
Sorry, Charles Davis, but you missed Jason Campbell by about 20 years. 2005-2011 with Washington.
Dalton leclair
Dalton leclair 17 dagen geleden
I was looking to see if anyone else caught that 😂😂
volts- ѧ
volts- ѧ 17 dagen geleden
Whenever the countdown starts I already have vitamins packed cause I know the boys like to start the timer around 4:20
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 17 dagen geleden
5:04 ( Fanduel Refund, More Player +s, NFL needs to figure out a plan, Probation vs COVID Tracking) 28:06 (OneofMcAfeesmillion Giveaway Information) 31:52 ( Voice of Madden CBS BOSS Charles Davis) 1:05:02 ( Washington FT switching it up, NFL Bubble, Connor attacks a phone caller, More Texans Drama) 1:29:42 ( Legendary TE Dallas Clark ) 2:05:04 ( McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk: JJ Reddick no shows, NFL is wild, JJ Watt did what?, More players didn't practice today) 2:31:20 (Texan's Rebellion, Dwayne Haskins Experience, Nicknames, New Merch, Podcast Tips, PEPE!!!, Zitos Poll)
FastForceG 16 dagen geleden
@thepatmcafeeshow hire this man
Yoooska 17 dagen geleden
Man amongst boys right here
Marc Nehring
Marc Nehring 17 dagen geleden
Glad you made it!
Fat Guy Certified
Fat Guy Certified 17 dagen geleden
Damn NLblock. You can't put hashtags in comments I guess or it hides the comment.
Joey Jr
Joey Jr 17 dagen geleden
Fucken love this show
Chris Pregot
Chris Pregot 17 dagen geleden
1:03:18 can someone please tell me the name of this song!
Chris Pregot
Chris Pregot 16 dagen geleden
I love this song and no one will help :(
Chris Pregot
Chris Pregot 16 dagen geleden
Hernan Acosta
Hernan Acosta 16 dagen geleden
Sandstorm by Darude
Jake Zarlingo
Jake Zarlingo 17 dagen geleden
I can’t find Turk’s comment with the time stamps, anybody else having the same issue?
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 17 dagen geleden
My comment was hidden it seems. Just posted it again.
Adrian Whitten
Adrian Whitten 17 dagen geleden
Gonna watch the whole thing later today but can anybody help me with a time stamp of when Pat talks about the Aaron Rogers comment from yesterday, TIA
Adrian Whitten
Adrian Whitten 17 dagen geleden
@Mjc412 ahhh damn, I actually thought Pat was going to discuss it and that all the Analysts picked up on it and talked about it today.. all good all good
Adrian Whitten
Adrian Whitten 17 dagen geleden
@Mjc412 you legend, much appreciated
Mjc412 17 dagen geleden
Like 30:00
Scott Luckoff
Scott Luckoff 17 dagen geleden
Covid-19teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 😷😷😷
Caleb 17 dagen geleden
Dude F Espn and all the other mainstream for calling this a "podcast" when talking about the Arod clip yesterday.
Brent Buchanan
Brent Buchanan 15 dagen geleden
They just mad everyone watch's pat now and he's a threat bc his interviews crush everyone else's
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 15 dagen geleden
Podcasts are better
Trent 16 dagen geleden
To be fair they also post it as a podcast. But yeah this is a Serius radio show!
P. AlterEgo
P. AlterEgo 17 dagen geleden
bigger prob is you cant play so many games on grass, the grass needs time to recover ... so you need several fields ...lets say 5-6 in 1 place .... or you play not on grass, then have fun with injuries
Nate H
Nate H 17 dagen geleden
3:07:34 Jordon sounds an awful lot like ARod
Mario 17 dagen geleden
Whoa 😂
Nate H
Nate H 17 dagen geleden
World Peace
World Peace 17 dagen geleden
Aj a duke fan, come ahhn. Imagine coach K’s schnoz and ajs chin together on a face 🤔
Grewe Bear
Grewe Bear 16 dagen geleden
And Zion Williamsons pecker
Steven Bartels
Steven Bartels 16 dagen geleden
This made me laugh way too much!
Mellowhype 222
Mellowhype 222 17 dagen geleden
Sometimes I don’t watch the whole show.... but I always watch the last hour with aj hawk 👍🏼
Brent Buchanan
Brent Buchanan 15 dagen geleden
I have to watch everything there so electric never know what u will miss might get behind but that the beauty of NLblock
Luke 16 dagen geleden
Billy Conley I feel you bro. Juggling a full schedule and still making time for pat and the boys is tough some days but essential lolol
Mikey Adelberger
Mikey Adelberger 16 dagen geleden
I definitely watch all but I 100% feel you, I still treat them like 2 different episodes
mikewrayjr 16 dagen geleden
Same here!!
Brice kelly
Brice kelly 16 dagen geleden
Mcafee and hawk is basically just a recap of the show anyways.