The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday September 30th, 2020 

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30 sep. 2020




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Reacties 84   
Beau Peterson
Beau Peterson 9 dagen geleden
Mark reminds me of my favorite uncle!
benny 15 dagen geleden
hit me with some of that fan duel cash Pat
benny 15 dagen geleden
I'm ready to win some cash
Adam Meyer
Adam Meyer 16 dagen geleden
I anticipate you'll be at 1M by tomorrow, congrats
Voose Lagina
Voose Lagina 18 dagen geleden
Pat's logic to being an NFL coach Pat: "You look good, your suits are good, you are good on the TV"
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 18 dagen geleden
Please ignore the Colin talk
Young Neal
Young Neal 19 dagen geleden
Foxy has a clean looking jumper it doesn’t go in
70KDS 20 dagen geleden
8:40 Anyone peep when Schefty realize half his head looks shaved and Patty mocks him right after 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was weak dawg
Brian Kapellusch
Brian Kapellusch 20 dagen geleden
When does Joe Burrow decide that maybe going back to work on his master's degree until the Bengals get some linemen is a good idea.
Jimmy17WRX 20 dagen geleden
Almost 1 million subs!!!!!!!!!
Brandon S.
Brandon S. 20 dagen geleden
This is the absolute BEST meatball sub show on the internet!!
Nick Pisasik
Nick Pisasik 20 dagen geleden
Subscribed, wtf hadnt I done that yet, Great show fellas!
Cody Miller
Cody Miller 20 dagen geleden
From now on every HOF inductee should have pat introduce them before their acceptance speech
Adam Olen
Adam Olen 20 dagen geleden
Don’t you EVER disrespect deep dish pizza again. You gotta try Pequods and Lous when you come back, not Gios.
Schnell 20 dagen geleden
Imagine having two teams in your state and they’re both the lowest ranked... Typical New York
Adam Hillsamer
Adam Hillsamer 19 dagen geleden
And buffalo’s undefeated I wonder if that makes it worse for the city folk 😂
Nathan Norwich
Nathan Norwich 20 dagen geleden
That Connor commercial was fire
Corey 20 dagen geleden
If kaep was a halfway decent QB he'd still have a job
Josh Atkinson
Josh Atkinson 20 dagen geleden
The Connor commercial is absolute gold!!!!
Joseph Battaglieri
Joseph Battaglieri 20 dagen geleden
Go A’s Bay Area cabrone we goin to the ship
Zack H
Zack H 20 dagen geleden
Schefty lookin like Paul Rudd
Schnell 20 dagen geleden
If you ever told me that Scottie Pippen did a shotgun with a shoeless man on a golf course I would think you were lying Until you tell me that shoeless man happens to be Pat Mcafee
Gunnar Matson
Gunnar Matson 20 dagen geleden
Is Connor trying to be Diesel Dave or Gump?
David Minor
David Minor 20 dagen geleden
Vinnie Wallat
Vinnie Wallat 20 dagen geleden
These guys surpassed barstool sports as my go to daily dose of content. Bravo to you boys and keep up the good work!
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 18 dagen geleden
I only listen to around nfl weekly recap and not my other pods anymore lol
Richard Kane
Richard Kane 20 dagen geleden
RIgoberto. the Pride of the University of Hawaii.
JA Izzo
JA Izzo 20 dagen geleden
The movie The Phoenix Tapes ‘97 is a super creepy alien movie, it’s got a similar layout to the Blair witch movies since it’s filmed on a handheld camera but it’s based off real events. It’s a wild ride I must say.
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 20 dagen geleden
More watchers need to like
Andy Spurgeon
Andy Spurgeon 20 dagen geleden
Love you Pat but why didn’t t you give your WV alum more love? Far be it from me to question what you do, but I’m a Bama alumn and if someone called me I’d give love ❤️
EZbucs 20 dagen geleden
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 21 dag geleden
Rosen overrated no desire and no need to be great player
James Laverty
James Laverty 21 dag geleden
I love the show, but I almost had to dislike because pat & the boys eats Arby's
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 21 dag geleden
Great show thanks for entertaining me
patrick gregory
patrick gregory 21 dag geleden
Mark looks like a human pluto aged greatly
Tyler Dail
Tyler Dail 21 dag geleden
You wouldn't call it the "Wildcat" in Cleveland, it would be the "Mad Dawg" offense!!!! Cheers boys
Tanner White
Tanner White 21 dag geleden
Connors under the breath comments are so underrated lol
HTTRskins21 20 dagen geleden
Connor and Zito stay cracking me up so hard
Tyler Dail
Tyler Dail 21 dag geleden
....New York Giants have a special teams coordinator as head they doing again? I do like Judge though needs to get Gentleman on his page and then I think they turn the boat around
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 18 dagen geleden
O line needs help
Taylor Deano
Taylor Deano 21 dag geleden
Love how Pat casually shits on how far Cuban Z misses the ball on his references/Jokes 😂😂😂😂😂
HTTRskins21 20 dagen geleden
........bear dahn.
Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell 21 dag geleden
Marie Kondo needs a minute with Pat's "plug" desk...
Anthony Penalber
Anthony Penalber 21 dag geleden
Connor setting the tone for Fanduel!!
Josh Schreder
Josh Schreder 21 dag geleden
Timestamp guests / topic into description please.
Daron Aquino
Daron Aquino 21 dag geleden
Almost to that milly million subs!
E J 21 dag geleden
Man, a lot of these calls are so cringe. I wish they would just take internet questions but I’m guessing a lot of people enjoy them.
michael johnson
michael johnson 21 dag geleden
Please when ever you do get a million subscribers include NLblock because I don't have Twitter and pretty sure some other people don't either
Richie Benites
Richie Benites 21 dag geleden
Connor learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu
Mr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody 21 dag geleden
Show is quiet again today... TURN UP THE VOLUME
Joseph Camilletti
Joseph Camilletti 21 dag geleden
Can we please stop talking about this dumbass virus with a 99% survival rate
Zachary Durant
Zachary Durant 21 dag geleden
Collin Fossett
Collin Fossett 21 dag geleden
“This next guess is the host of the Adam schefter podcast” Me: Oh boy I bet it’s Aaron Rodgers!
Camron Starkey
Camron Starkey 21 dag geleden
I am a fellow Italian that lives in Columbus I feel ashamed 😂😂😂😂
David Prevost
David Prevost 21 dag geleden
The Connor fanduel spot classic !!!!
DuxFan95 21 dag geleden
Let’s disc boys
Adam Hillsamer
Adam Hillsamer 19 dagen geleden
Used to be a big disc golf show. Kinda wanna call in about the usdgc but middle of the football season so the answer will surely be “ah who cares”
jjojeda24 21 dag geleden
I must’ve listened to Pat attempt to “Caw-Caw” like 20 times lol that first noise that came out of his mouth 😂 2:30:00
Rickey Coats
Rickey Coats 21 dag geleden glasses.
Spinach Omelette
Spinach Omelette 21 dag geleden
"That's NC State baby!" 2:22:19
The Wild Crawdad
The Wild Crawdad 21 dag geleden
I may have missed it, but why is the AJ Hawk poocaso being covered up by the WVU jersey?
Ernie Bandaid
Ernie Bandaid 21 dag geleden
I think when he calls into espn he does that lol
Nate REG
Nate REG 21 dag geleden
I think Pat set that up for his College Gameday appearance’s. First time I saw it he had it up to kick off CG with Kirk and the boys week one. Been there since.
james baker
james baker 21 dag geleden
The boston connor FanDuel bit is the best
Nestor Heredia jr
Nestor Heredia jr 21 dag geleden
Bruh when ZITO said dirty ass streets 😂😂
John J
John J 21 dag geleden
Yeah...let's not shave years off your career in full contact practice when you would benefit more doing cardio and lifting....and running is not good cardiovascular for most...wears on the knees and other joints, put fatty in a pool or on a bike.
John J
John J 21 dag geleden
Can nobody cut hair in Vegas?
Nate REG
Nate REG 21 dag geleden
Used to be an Air Force barber shop on Craig Road by the base that could give some mean fades and lines for civies. My dad took me there for ever when I was little and it was the best cut in town. Owner passed away recently I believe. :/
John J
John J 21 dag geleden
I cut my own and it looks better then those two Jabronies!
M Scheckel
M Scheckel 21 dag geleden
Am I the only one who remembered Taylor Lewan asking someone if they had COVID -19 during Pat’s interview last week??
EZbucs 21 dag geleden
Wooooowwwww. Ur right
Grayson Clark
Grayson Clark 21 dag geleden
I have literally been thinking about this since the Titans came out and said 8 people have COVID
Arsim Ibraimi
Arsim Ibraimi 21 dag geleden
😱😱😱you might be onto something
John J
John J 21 dag geleden
Stephen A. Is A racist....don't watch any of his stuff anymore or any platforms he is associated with...dude is bad for any Brand!!!
0492panda 21 dag geleden
u scared of rogan?? he blockbuster, do you
KevSal 21 dag geleden
Being a punter, i want to hear your input on Kyle Nelson on the niners. The whole thing boggles my mind on how someone so automatic hits a metal block, that leads to getting cut. Love yo hear your thoughts on it
cts1979 21 dag geleden
The sound needs to come up gentlemen. The Pod is significantly louder in my ear holes in comparison at the same volume setting.
Rob b
Rob b 21 dag geleden
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez 21 dag geleden
51:42 I love the the office space reference
Charlie DeLong
Charlie DeLong 21 dag geleden
Somebody farted real loud during the sunglasses commercial!
RyVo2ALL 21 dag geleden
lol 4.20 count dahn
PMS Store
PMS Store 21 dag geleden
TheMichaeldch 20 dagen geleden
I found a seahawks shirt!
Brandon Cody
Brandon Cody 21 dag geleden
2:11:24 Connor: Ever heard of boogada bepo? 😂😂😂 The background comments from the boys are the best part of the show
Nick Brown
Nick Brown 21 dag geleden
Mark built like Mr. Incredible 😂
Zachary Mcmillan
Zachary Mcmillan 21 dag geleden
Who knew Mark schlereth was such a big kenny powers fan I love east bound and down
Charlie Sinnott
Charlie Sinnott 21 dag geleden
Wow, Matt is a monster of a human...
Keith Chaffin
Keith Chaffin 21 dag geleden
love me some big stink! reminds me how good the broncos used to be before we let elway bring in all these garbage ass qbs. if manning hadn't been gift wrapped to us, we would have had a decade of garbage play and constant churning of roster and coaches. can't wait til elway gets escorted out the building with that garbage ass turnstile he calls a first round left tackle
Joel Rennie
Joel Rennie 21 dag geleden
DC Brooks
DC Brooks 21 dag geleden
Another day and another great show.
Anthony Lujan
Anthony Lujan 21 dag geleden
I feel like I watch the exact same episode everyday but I’m still so damn interested because of how Pat talks haha
Schnell 21 dag geleden
Consistency is key
BEAST-IN-SEATTLE 21 dag geleden
Pat is so smart
PhxHDchiller 21 dag geleden
That commercial with all the Connor's is pure gold.
World Peace
World Peace 20 dagen geleden
It is good, credit due. Although quit bringing anything u own that’s “cool” to add to the desk haha
John Hruza
John Hruza 20 dagen geleden
I laugh my ass off every time!
M M 21 dag geleden
Boston Conner adds so much to the show
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 21 dag geleden
It absolutely needs to be on tv
Jeffrey Carter
Jeffrey Carter 21 dag geleden
Best commercial yet
Davis Arnold
Davis Arnold 21 dag geleden
I still can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t give it to Marshawn Lynch...
Mike M
Mike M 21 dag geleden
I believe it was... "I still can't believe the Seahawks didn't run the ball" Real trolls know.
pete asarisi
pete asarisi 21 dag geleden
@chiefs 417 except when they stopped him forcing Seattle to kick that FG last time they were in short yardage in the redzone. Not sure what you're not getting. Lynch below average short yardage runner in his career & people acting like he's John Riggins. Wilfork is a beast short yardage his whole career that's why him & Branch where out there short yardage. Belichick knew short yardage they wouldn't run lunch there that's why he didn't call time out & he also knew if it wasn't lunch it would be that pick play. Wilfork was gonna eat him up Every time it was short yardage. Look up short yardage
chiefs 417
chiefs 417 21 dag geleden
@pete asarisi marshawn lynch was unstoppable that game
pete asarisi
pete asarisi 21 dag geleden
@chiefs 417 oh yea. Why do you think Seattle needed a touchdown? Bc Wilfork folded him last time short yardage happened in the redzone
chiefs 417
chiefs 417 21 dag geleden
@pete asarisi nah
Emanuel 21 dag geleden
Pepe MVP of the mafia!
A Tribe Called Fantasy
A Tribe Called Fantasy 21 dag geleden
Mark calling himself Peter Griffin might be the most brutal self burn i've heard in years
A Tribe Called Fantasy
A Tribe Called Fantasy 21 dag geleden
@Son of Hermes #SPLASH Ooof. Now im just imagining joe with peter's upper body lol
Son of Hermes #SPLASH
Son of Hermes #SPLASH 21 dag geleden
He was talking about Joe lol small legs and big up top
Ryan Emerson
Ryan Emerson 21 dag geleden
Pat if you want to see aliens...3 simple letters, D.M.T.
Turk Davidson
Turk Davidson 21 dag geleden
4:55 ( Steelers/Titans Postponed, Guest Adam Schefter ) 30:20 ( Muscle Mark "Stink" Schlereth) 1:04:55 ( Matt Hasselbeck NFL Analyst IN NASHVILLE talks QBs and Trubinsky being benched early) 1:40:27 (Colin enemy of the show, phonecalls: Rosen hype-machine, T&Ps for CA, Pepe is great) 1:58:31 (Greatest Fanduel Ad in the world) 2:04:22 ( McAfee & Hawk Sports Talk: Kaep talk, Watt's Mic'd Up, Breaking News ) 2:34:10 ( ESPN Rankings, Phonecalls: Will Pat come back, 600 horsepower Bently, PMI murder investigation)
gana gana
gana gana 21 dag geleden
My man
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 21 dag geleden
TURK 2020!!
Jimmy Kulaga
Jimmy Kulaga 21 dag geleden
Thank you turk!
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 21 dag geleden
Gatien Laurol
Gatien Laurol 21 dag geleden
God’s plan 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Top 10 Pat McAfee Moments
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