This Is The STRANGEST Video Of 2020 

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Shoutout NLblock for not allowing "harsh language" in the first 30 seconds of a video.
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10 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Last Man
Last Man 6 dagen geleden
Were can I watch this
Big White Duck
Big White Duck 7 dagen geleden
I.thought the Collie joke was a pun lol
mtdstc 8 dagen geleden
The dog is trying to play with the cat. Notice the side to side wagging tail and the playful bow when he walks up to it.
iiiMunchiii 8 dagen geleden
dude was in hospital for 23 days
Cheems Burbger
Cheems Burbger 8 dagen geleden
Their rivalry continues
akingpa 9 dagen geleden
These dudes are super lame.
Jolly Pasquale
Jolly Pasquale 9 dagen geleden
Dog has one hell of a right cross 💯
Ghost 9 dagen geleden
Dude had it coming
Quintin Tarantino
Quintin Tarantino 9 dagen geleden
If pat takes a weeks vacation his podcast will end up on Good Day LA saying people are outraged and a petition is going around 😅
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 9 dagen geleden
That's a Japanese Kamikaze cat.
awesomeandrew04 9 dagen geleden
“That guy bought me my shoes...” literally the funniest line. Love this show
Johnathan the beast
Johnathan the beast 9 dagen geleden
Meet Oobro
Meet Oobro 10 dagen geleden
Put Jordan’s on a dog Death by cat
Lindor Über Alles
Lindor Über Alles 10 dagen geleden
Well the next video is probably gonna be about Dak 😔 send my prayers to him
Zach Wells
Zach Wells 10 dagen geleden
Still doesn’t beat the kite video
Dakota West
Dakota West 10 dagen geleden
The cat was mad the dog got Jordans and he got stuck with Pumas 😂😂😂😂
Dakota West
Dakota West 10 dagen geleden
When chinese food strikes back
Bret Bock
Bret Bock 10 dagen geleden
Do they only post video clips from the pod? Not the whole video
CoreyAtoZ 10 dagen geleden
Air bud: csi
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 10 dagen geleden
Okay so Pat can’t use NFL clips but NFL network can use his clips? makes sense.
Dan Render
Dan Render 10 dagen geleden
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
alexandru caster
alexandru caster 10 dagen geleden
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Alex J
Alex J 10 dagen geleden
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
PMS Store
PMS Store 10 dagen geleden
Logan Cagle
Logan Cagle 10 dagen geleden
Can someone explain the Austin Collie joke pls?
SplFEEDit 9 dagen geleden
Mr. Collie has been “lifeless” on the field a handful of times.
Ian Houle
Ian Houle 10 dagen geleden
Austin Collie 😂
Papi Zone
Papi Zone 10 dagen geleden
I’m crying he said Austin Collie lmaooo literally so fucked 😭😭😭
Trouba Ramirez
Trouba Ramirez 10 dagen geleden
If Roger doesn't suspend that cat i'm done. Dirtiest hit to the head i've ever seen.
Prestige Steeler
Prestige Steeler 10 dagen geleden
Does anyone have a link for this I can’t find it
Yugi Monstar
Yugi Monstar 10 dagen geleden
🤣🤣 tf
Brad Bell
Brad Bell 10 dagen geleden
Mason Cox got blown up
Arthur Rahman
Arthur Rahman 10 dagen geleden
The Pod >
John S
John S 10 dagen geleden
Futurama: Death by snu snu! 2020: Hold my Corona. Sharknado producer: Guys! Guys! I got an idea....
Quest4Adventure 10 dagen geleden
23 days in the hospital
lucidity910 11 dagen geleden
At 0:00 guy just pops into existence... Spooky sh-t
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo 11 dagen geleden
why are they all wearing hats (and sunglasses) while they are inside? there is no sun they need shading from....
Felipe Barria
Felipe Barria 11 dagen geleden
which is more stranger? This video or Polamalu being in the C Gap?
LastSurvivingGamer 972
LastSurvivingGamer 972 11 dagen geleden
Imagine if pat was here
Luke Feldman
Luke Feldman 11 dagen geleden
Must’ve happened in Florida
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 11 dagen geleden
The cat belonged to his neighbor, dude ended up spending like 3 weeks in the hospital.
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones 11 dagen geleden
Schnell 11 dagen geleden
When a dog cares more about what happened to the human over the other humans... I’m glad I gave up my faith in humanity years ago
Minnesota Fatz
Minnesota Fatz 11 dagen geleden
Explaining it will ruin some of the fun, but he only has shoes on the front to keep him from accidentally scratching people up with his claws.
Jacobs *
Jacobs * 11 dagen geleden
Hahaha that so funny, lol he spent 23 days in the hospital. Really some of you have no sense humanity, regardless of his race or gender he is a human and, more than likely a father, a son and possibly a grandfather. None of you would want that to happen to your father, son or grandfather but, laugh away at the expense of his wellbeing/health.
Burnabarian 11 dagen geleden
this guy bought me my shoes....LMAO
twinz2008 11 dagen geleden
I thought this was funny until I found out the guy may have permanent brain damage
A B 11 dagen geleden
Dog with Jordan's is op
Kevin Whitter
Kevin Whitter 11 dagen geleden
Poor Austin Collie. Had his brains turned into Campbell’s Chunky
Basil McDonnell
Basil McDonnell 11 dagen geleden
What about the person shooting the video, who continues to film, and follows the dog- with the guy just lying there?
tyler chrisco
tyler chrisco 11 dagen geleden
The guy spent 23 days in the hospital, and also has physical therapy. Lmao
RayHolliday 11 dagen geleden
Air Buds next installment as a detective
Antonio Figueroa
Antonio Figueroa 11 dagen geleden
The guy: Pat walking through a touchdown The cat: Polamalu jumping from the C-Gap
Phillip Green
Phillip Green 11 dagen geleden
This had me in tears! I've shared it with several people
brnco 11 dagen geleden
im so glad u posted this
Jordan Chalmers
Jordan Chalmers 11 dagen geleden
We just gonna ignore the fact that within the first frame of this video he just appeared out of thin air?
Den Notver
Den Notver 11 dagen geleden
Thats china for you. No compassion for life. Gave the world covid and they dont even blink.
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks 11 dagen geleden
Why the fook does that dog have shoes on!?!? That had to hurt like hell getting hit by the car!
Lorenzo Mcphaul
Lorenzo Mcphaul 11 dagen geleden
Air bud meets puss n boots as his fathers spinal fluid leaks all over the sidewalk
AJ M. 11 dagen geleden
Mitch Is WILD BRUHHH!!!!
Daudi Masinde
Daudi Masinde 11 dagen geleden
I thought kitten mittens were for cats not dogs
Vinh Tin Bi
Vinh Tin Bi 11 dagen geleden
this is awesome hahahahahah
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 11 dagen geleden
You guys have got to find that man, get him on the show & talk about this & find out his side of the story too. Find out how he’s doing & what he did when/if he saw the vid of his incident. 😂😂😂😂
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
His side would be ‘hell I was walking down the street then I woke up lying on the damn sidewalk’
Nathaniel Ochs
Nathaniel Ochs 11 dagen geleden
Bear down
HTram 11 dagen geleden
There were two fouls on this play. Illegal hit to the head, Feline. After the play, unsportsmanlike conduct, Doggo. The fouls cancel each other out. Replay first down.
Dontaveon Love
Dontaveon Love 9 dagen geleden
Underrated comment
Fred Marzano
Fred Marzano 11 dagen geleden
Whoopity Scoop
Whoopity Scoop 11 dagen geleden
Mike B
Mike B 11 dagen geleden
The best part is the woman who walks by, looks at him, like WTF... and seems to continue walking. Like no one wants to help...
Mike B
Mike B 10 dagen geleden
@Eric As long as they start recording what's happening first 🤣🤣🤣
Eric 10 dagen geleden
@Mike B Yeah but at least generally will call for help and wait by
Mike B
Mike B 11 dagen geleden
@Eric And people in the US not familiar with "Good Samaritan laws" may be afraid to help for fear that the person will sue them after the fact.
Eric 11 dagen geleden
It's China. They are afraid if they are seen with the man, they may themselves be arrested for suspicion of having attacked him by some lazy policeman who just wants the case closed ASAP. The courts and justice system there are screwed up.
Jozz Wheeden
Jozz Wheeden 11 dagen geleden
Hard to imagine a cat weighing enough to knock somebody out
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
Even if the damn thing was only 5 pounds imagine having 5 pounds fall on your head from 60 feet up...... and I’d say the cat is prob closer to 10 pounds actually
Murph Muffin
Murph Muffin 11 dagen geleden
If it falls high enough, but he probably smashed his skull into the sidewalk and that knocked him out
Steven Mccormick
Steven Mccormick 11 dagen geleden
Too soon
Tautai Marks
Tautai Marks 11 dagen geleden
We just not gonna talk about how many glasses my mans got on his table 🤣
Jon Day
Jon Day 11 dagen geleden
Nobody:.... The Cat: If they came to see me beg .....
Hayreddin Barbarossa
Hayreddin Barbarossa 11 dagen geleden
I thought it was just a saying, "it's raining cats and dogs". Apparently not.
Hayreddin Barbarossa
Hayreddin Barbarossa 11 dagen geleden
"the dog investigates the corpse" Got me in tears.
Superman Rules
Superman Rules 11 dagen geleden
B-Mag 11 dagen geleden
LMAO it HAD to be MItt to make the Austin Collie joke
Football Never stops
Football Never stops 11 dagen geleden
I don’t get the Austin Collie joke
Christian Peters
Christian Peters 10 dagen geleden
@DIY Chad 726 why so defensive?
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 11 dagen geleden
DIY Chad 726 how it applies to this video is 5 seconds before he made this joke someone said “the nfl doesn’t even show the replay just cuts to commercial” which is a joke that is funny because it’s true. That’s what they do when it’s a bad injury lol. And it’s relevant because from this joke he named a specific example
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
Christian Peters slow? Your assuming everyone knows random players on some randomly nfl team, to me it seems ya need a life if you can see someone call him Austin collie and know exactly what they are meaning......
Christian Peters
Christian Peters 11 dagen geleden
@DIY Chad 726 the guy getting knocked out by a cat is austin collie you know since he got so many concussions in football now a cat takes him out???? Come on dude you cant be that slow
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
But how does that apply to this particular video??
Diego Medina
Diego Medina 11 dagen geleden
I absolutely lost it when whoever said its Austin Collie 😭😭😭
R H 11 dagen geleden
@DIY Chad 726 because he laid there motionless like Austin Collie.
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
R H guess I just don’t see how that applies to someone e who had a cat fall from 60 feet onto their head knocking them out......
R H 11 dagen geleden
@DIY Chad 726 also youtube NFL Hospitals. Austin is the the thumbnail
R H 11 dagen geleden
@DIY Chad 726 because Peyton Manning had him get hit over and over in triple coverage to the point it ended his career. NLblock Austin Collie Philadelphia.
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
Why is that soooo funny exactly?? I just don’t get it
Christian Gruwell
Christian Gruwell 11 dagen geleden
My question is why tf did that lady just leave the dude after she clearly saw the cat land on his head and now he’s on the ground not moving
Nick Foles Is better than Brady
@Azurastrider what nonsense?
Azurastrider 9 dagen geleden
@Nick Foles Is better than Brady lol I don't like Brady either but don't go believing that nonsense
Nick Foles Is better than Brady
She didn’t wanna be in the fire zone for the next one
James 10 dagen geleden
@Dalton v Absolutely. After I finished laughing my ass off I would call and ambulance for the poor guy
Dalton v
Dalton v 10 dagen geleden
Would you stay there after seeing that? 🤣🤣
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark 11 dagen geleden
Painfully laughed for 5 minutes
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle 11 dagen geleden
Yo Tony Bakers voice over of this is hilarious
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 11 dagen geleden
Skippidy paps
richie lee
richie lee 11 dagen geleden
Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Bryce Docken
Bryce Docken 11 dagen geleden
Spent 23 days in the hospital 😂
butterboy6948 11 dagen geleden
“That’s covid baby”
Azurastrider 11 dagen geleden
"Air Bud reprimanding the cat"
Jolly Pasquale
Jolly Pasquale 9 dagen geleden
Azurastrider you got me dyin 🤣
Azurastrider 9 dagen geleden
@Jolly Pasquale Air Bud is always ready to ball
Jolly Pasquale
Jolly Pasquale 9 dagen geleden
😂🤣😝 That’s why he was wearing Jordan’s. He was working on his game beforehand 🏀
C _short9
C _short9 11 dagen geleden
Does the guy on the right spit in the bottle at @0.45
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 11 dagen geleden
Yeah he's chewing tobacco
chris coleman
chris coleman 11 dagen geleden
Cats... Are... Jerks....
Connor Hayes
Connor Hayes 11 dagen geleden
Nice one NLblock
MyworstEnemy 11 dagen geleden
Love it at 2:35 when the Dog immediately catches the scent of that cat, and heads over to fu*k with it. Dogs are Awesome. Cats....are not.
MyworstEnemy 11 dagen geleden
@Val Agreed. I could've worded that better. I didn't mean to imply the dog was attacking it.
Val 11 dagen geleden
Actually, he was trying to play with it.
ColtsFan 4Life
ColtsFan 4Life 11 dagen geleden
Nooooooo not austin collie 😭 😭😢
Paulline Gibson
Paulline Gibson 11 dagen geleden
Hàaaaaaaa, bear dahhhhhhhhh😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Ill_Hex 11 dagen geleden
The opening of this vid is something...
Clay McIsaac
Clay McIsaac 11 dagen geleden
"I've got to assume another cat is gonna fall and I don't want to be in the blast zone"
HFR83 11 dagen geleden
Whoever said "that's austin collie" is going to hell on a scholarship lol
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 9 dagen geleden
@HFR83 gotem
Azurastrider 11 dagen geleden
@HFR83 I'M an atheist and I think his comment is stupid, no sense of humor is right
HFR83 11 dagen geleden
@Adam Barnett So atheists don't believe in God or a sense of humor? No wonder you're so miserable lol
Adam Barnett
Adam Barnett 11 dagen geleden
Good thing there's no such place.
SKO Show
SKO Show 11 dagen geleden
Hayreddin Barbarossa 31 on the ACT my man. If you get 31 on the SAT you spelled your name wrong AND missed every question
Adam Hardek
Adam Hardek 11 dagen geleden
Anyone else see Digs just appear out of no where at the start
Schnell 11 dagen geleden
You weren’t supposed to see that glitch in the Matrix
Ris & Danny
Ris & Danny 11 dagen geleden
“X Files music”
Mark Cisneros
Mark Cisneros 11 dagen geleden
That was a NASTY edit
Tony Hemetona
Tony Hemetona 11 dagen geleden
Dog had the Black Air Forces on 😂
Snivy 14
Snivy 14 11 dagen geleden
He was in the hospital for 3 weeks but he lived
Nick L
Nick L 11 dagen geleden
I saw this post on Reddit and it was like imagine explaining to your boss why you're late for work. A cat fell on my head and then I got saved by a dog with shoes lmao. If I were that boss I would drug test him immediately
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 9 dagen geleden
I dont think he has to worry about being late anywhere for a while, if ever again.
Ophiophagus Hannah
Ophiophagus Hannah 11 dagen geleden
@Azurastrider if i got fired because a cat fell on me and knocked me out then i would go buy a lottery ticket instantly lol
777d7777 777d7777
777d7777 777d7777 11 dagen geleden
Nick L probably doesn’t have to mention that the dog was wearing shoes 😂
Azurastrider 11 dagen geleden
Comes up positive 'cause he lives in a weed legal state "that has nothing to do with it I swear" "ya right buddy step into my office" "why" "CAUSE YOU"RE FUCKIN FIRED"
Francis Mendez
Francis Mendez 11 dagen geleden
now i have to watch out for falling lol...
Brown Vengeance
Brown Vengeance 11 dagen geleden
Brown Vengeance
Brown Vengeance 11 dagen geleden
Mike Lenhardt how do I become a member?
Mike Lenhardt
Mike Lenhardt 11 dagen geleden
They have them if you’re a member now g
Lyrical Assailant Music
Lyrical Assailant Music 11 dagen geleden
That Austin Collie line offended me and I'm a Utah fan.
DIY Chad 726
DIY Chad 726 11 dagen geleden
Offended you?? You one of these folks who finds any and everything to be offended about I’m guessing
Cory D. Lambert
Cory D. Lambert 11 dagen geleden
The chances of being killed by a cat are low but never 0%.
Ned Mononymous
Ned Mononymous 11 dagen geleden
1 word, Toxoplasmosis.
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 11 dagen geleden
@chip green I mean, cats are evil.
chip green
chip green 11 dagen geleden
It’s higher than you think.....
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler 11 dagen geleden
@Cory D. Lambert lol☺👊
Cory D. Lambert
Cory D. Lambert 11 dagen geleden
@Buck Futtler Touche
Estella Esposito Dawson
Estella Esposito Dawson 11 dagen geleden
Why the hell does the dog like to wear shoes it’s just not meant to be 😳
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler 11 dagen geleden
@Big_KJ for.....real?
Big_KJ 11 dagen geleden
@Buck Futtler well why wouldnt he?
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler 11 dagen geleden
Yeah im sure the dog totally has a say in what it wears...
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