This Will Be Movie Of The Decade... If It Ever Comes Out 

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Do you think Avatar 2 ever comes out?
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3 okt. 2020




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SFCAUSTIN1995 17 dagen geleden
Avengers Endgame???
Rocky Kimpel
Rocky Kimpel 18 dagen geleden
While it may not be the best movie, Avatar was the best 3D movie experience I've ever had in theatres. This movie was made for 3D and can't wait to watch the next one in IMAX.
Frankie Lunn
Frankie Lunn 19 dagen geleden
I personally thought the first one was beautiful but boring
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks 19 dagen geleden
Avatar is the most overrated movies of all-time!!!
Xavier 19 dagen geleden
ayyy one mill
Turm4R2 19 dagen geleden
Congrats on 1mil!
Devin Matthew Kimball
Devin Matthew Kimball 19 dagen geleden
Hey boys early congrats! You are about to hit a million subscribers
Nicholas OBrien
Nicholas OBrien 19 dagen geleden
Yooooo pat why don’t you be an announcer for madden
FadeZ 19 dagen geleden
my boy is almost at a million subscribers!
Rebound God
Rebound God 19 dagen geleden
Jon Prime
Jon Prime 19 dagen geleden
Yoooo sooo 999k views im here for it pahl I wanna be the top comment when the boys hit a Milly
BKIMMO 19 dagen geleden
Troy Street
Troy Street 20 dagen geleden
Avatar is a visually stunning movie yes by 2009 standards but the story sucks it’s sucks more than cowboy fans saying their team is going to the Super Bowl every year
villen 20 dagen geleden
But the first Avatar was just an alright movie...
Bryant Recinos
Bryant Recinos 20 dagen geleden
ben dover
ben dover 20 dagen geleden
James was waiting for a underwater recording technology that just came out 3 years ago.. the same technology that was used in the movie aqua man!!!
Baked Yoda
Baked Yoda 20 dagen geleden
I can legitimately speak for everyone on this. There’s no excitement for Avatar 2.
Charles Isbell
Charles Isbell 20 dagen geleden
Avatar was not good, I don’t know a single person that actually liked the movie and I know 0 people excited to see the next one it’s going to floop
Bisquiteen Trisket
Bisquiteen Trisket 20 dagen geleden
Caleb Wies
Caleb Wies 20 dagen geleden
Realease date is December 17,2021
PMS Store
PMS Store 20 dagen geleden
Ordinary Joe
Ordinary Joe 20 dagen geleden
Avatar was trash. Fight me
Tdjdj Tesfns
Tdjdj Tesfns 20 dagen geleden
Avatar is the most overrated movie of all time
Sage Niebergall
Sage Niebergall 20 dagen geleden
Hyped u and the boys are almost at a million
351oldskool 20 dagen geleden
Go pies!!!
pherm10 21 dag geleden
Crawfo 21 dag geleden
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 21 dag geleden
Please make these episodes of the pod free for everyone to see
Martin Man
Martin Man 21 dag geleden
No. Avatar is not a good movie
Randall Mulkins
Randall Mulkins 21 dag geleden
I hate that I feel that throughawt the nonsens I feel like one of da boiyz
H 21 dag geleden
AFL Finals are on. C’mon Pat. Give some love to Coxzilla and the boys.
zest 21 dag geleden
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Simmons 21 dag geleden
Bro he only needs 3,000 more subscribers to hit a million
Brendan Conant
Brendan Conant 21 dag geleden
Hi, film buff here. This is incorrect. Avatar won’t do much for theaters. Plus, Avatar (2009) is a very bad movie, and ppl won’t go see this one cause of the last. Avatar only made as much as it did because of the 3D experience, something that is not very popular now a days
CipherBytes 21 dag geleden
Movie theaters are done.
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders 21 dag geleden
Can’t be the best film of the decade when Borat 2 is coming out this year or next.
WitcherBruce Gaming
WitcherBruce Gaming 21 dag geleden
Get an author moats interview already!!!!! @patmcafeeshow
Zerind Veress
Zerind Veress 21 dag geleden
Avatar is only a thing because americans like to feel guilty for natives
Alan Chavez
Alan Chavez 21 dag geleden
The avatar movie is complete trash🤢🤢🤢
Carfalog 21 dag geleden
On a real note, it sucks that James Cameron has wasted so many years on this Avatar franchise pipe dream when he could’ve been making great original films.
Kyle Griffith
Kyle Griffith 21 dag geleden
Took the words right out of my mouth
Hold The Phone Fighting
There is going to be 10 avatar movies
Stailzy -
Stailzy - 21 dag geleden
2021 Big trade Idea : Colts Trade for Sam Darnold and acquire home to replace Philip Rivers reuniting MPJ and Darnold Jets Send him away after taking Trevor with the first overall pick. Please Like so Pat sees this!!!
Francis Clark
Francis Clark 20 dagen geleden
@Stailzy - I would say anderson but he was traded to carolina wow I usually know this but IDK
Stailzy -
Stailzy - 21 dag geleden
@majinblack27 name one receiver without googling it off the Jets entire roster
majinblack27 21 dag geleden
Sam Darnold is TRASH!
Barber ShopPole
Barber ShopPole 21 dag geleden
Everyone in these comments hating on avatar as if it didn’t blow away theaters worldwide and set records.
Chris Good
Chris Good 21 dag geleden
The first avatar was nothing but a graphic show case. Hopefully this me is better
Bret Rogers
Bret Rogers 21 dag geleden
Avatar was crap and I’m sure any sequels will be too
Brock Baldridge
Brock Baldridge 21 dag geleden
Not at all it was d1
Satya Garapati
Satya Garapati 21 dag geleden
I thought they were gonna talk about Borat 2
SkullSoldier 21 dag geleden
Can you guys please talk about Shawn Oakman?
fast sloth
fast sloth 21 dag geleden
Obamagate is out
Stop Bad Recommended Videos
Like most people here, would love to see full length eps of The Pod on youtube. Wouldn't even care if the footage was edited or not
Hayreddin Barbarossa
Hayreddin Barbarossa 21 dag geleden
Avatar 1 wasn't even an original story, who gives a sh't about avatar 2 & 3
Get Yuckied On
Get Yuckied On 21 dag geleden
Bro I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait avatar is my favorite movie bro
Cad Bane
Cad Bane 21 dag geleden
Freaking loved Alita!!! Was the only movie I ever saw 3 times in theatres! (:
majinblack27 21 dag geleden
Alita’s visual emotions where scary good
Ryan Sell
Ryan Sell 21 dag geleden
Ahh avatar basically an animated dances with wolves
David Atwood
David Atwood 21 dag geleden
I loved avatar
Liam Willick
Liam Willick 21 dag geleden
If any of these guys could read they would be hyping dune
Baked Yoda
Baked Yoda 20 dagen geleden
Chase Holden facts bruh
Chase Holden
Chase Holden 20 dagen geleden
Liam Willick 😂😂😂
Captain MufDyven
Captain MufDyven 21 dag geleden
Dancing With Smurfs 2, just what we didn't need.
Lil Cole
Lil Cole 21 dag geleden
Unpopular opinion: Avatar was over rated
Lil Cole
Lil Cole 21 dag geleden
Eric Wilson everyone acted like it was the greatest movie they’ve ever seen when it came out
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson 21 dag geleden
I really don't think this is the unpopular opinion.
Carl Lindsay
Carl Lindsay 21 dag geleden
You didnt like Dances With Wolves in SPACE?
Andre Arce
Andre Arce 21 dag geleden
It was horrible
Hasan Fatih Turkgenc
Hasan Fatih Turkgenc 21 dag geleden
this show is too white
Mikey Bellettiere
Mikey Bellettiere 21 dag geleden
Where can i watch full streams of The Pod!? Help a guy out
KYREE KICKS 21 dag geleden
Mikey Bellettiere yes it called the pod
Mikey Bellettiere
Mikey Bellettiere 21 dag geleden
@KYREE KICKS android gang, is it on Spotify maybe or some other Podcast app
KYREE KICKS 21 dag geleden
Mikey Bellettiere if you got an iPhone got to podcast and search the pod
THA MERKULES 21 dag geleden
Movie theaters are open here n texas
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 21 dag geleden
Y'all do realise the first one SUCKED A$$ right? They were meh at best.
omar westmaas
omar westmaas 21 dag geleden
Got to say that i feel like the Avatar movie is highly overrated
omar westmaas
omar westmaas 21 dag geleden
@Royalty that is just the thing while ofcourse taste is subjective i feel like besides the visuals in the movie whi h were stunning the movie itself was just ok i used to call it sci fi pocahontas
Royalty 21 dag geleden
I mean I don’t it’s a great movie that needed a part two but that’s just me I like those kinda movies a lot
DisturbedParadise 21 dag geleden
The first one sucked....
red nasorwerd
red nasorwerd 21 dag geleden
hahahaha that bledsoe flag is HILARIOUS
Alex Gregersen
Alex Gregersen 21 dag geleden
Borat 2 dudes
GreenZone 21 dag geleden
Theatre in my town is open. What the hell do you mean there not open. There open in OKC as well.
Freddie Roper
Freddie Roper 21 dag geleden
There about to close all the theaters because they pushed back the new James Bond movie they aren't bringing in any money they can thank 🔥 sticks
Fadenih 21 dag geleden
I mean okc is a city but I'm guessing you live in a low dense area. In NYC and other big cities I don't think they wanna open it up
LimitedSpartan 21 dag geleden
The original movie is a joke that literally everyone forgot about. The only reason it was so massive was the PHENOMENAL special effects for it's time. Plot wise it was basic.
Andy B
Andy B 20 dagen geleden
@LimitedSpartan I could see that in some ways.
LimitedSpartan 20 dagen geleden
@Andy B a lot of the important themes from that movie were lifted straight up off of dances with wolves
Schnell 21 dag geleden
Fadenih Anytime I see a misunderstanding about “blue guys”, there’s always some guy referring to Avatar
Interesting 21 dag geleden
Fadenih did you become deaf when you were six?
Fadenih 21 dag geleden
I was 5 when it came out and I've never once heard a person, tv show, or anything make a reference to it.
John Juarez
John Juarez 21 dag geleden
They made a whole section of their park avatar themed so you best believe they will be releasing another one.
don primer
don primer 21 dag geleden
Avatar one wasn't even good....over hype.
Dre Savage
Dre Savage 21 dag geleden
Lol yeaaaa suuuuuure.
Lopeskii 21 dag geleden
What kind of glasses are the light blue ones closest to the mic
E T 21 dag geleden
Foakley's straight outta China Town
HerbGrowingLegal 21 dag geleden
Cam Newton has covid ... wildddddd times
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly 21 dag geleden
Avatar 1 was overrated asf
Dre Savage
Dre Savage 21 dag geleden
No, you just simply don’t like the movie ha
Damian Craig
Damian Craig 21 dag geleden
Lmao it looked like an re2 logo blurred
Joshua Bowman
Joshua Bowman 21 dag geleden
No one got that the Kirk Cameron comment was a joke, because that is not his son.
Super Saiyan Blue Goku
Super Saiyan Blue Goku 21 dag geleden
Man, I wish Pat was live today to talk about the Patriots and Chiefs being postponed 😪
River Valley University
River Valley University 20 dagen geleden
COVID killed the Super Boost.
Darell Williams
Darell Williams 21 dag geleden
Drew Mayes bro I had Saquon, and I have roethlisberger, cam newton, diante Johnson, juju, bulkhead, and Eric Ebron...
Drew Mayes
Drew Mayes 21 dag geleden
Bro I know my fantasy team this week is fucked
Doug Stinnett
Doug Stinnett 21 dag geleden
Kathryn Bigelow directed Zero Dark Thirty, which was about the Bin-Laden raid. She also directed Point Break. Also, Avatar was terrible. It was a remake of two other movies: Dances with Wolves and A Man Called Horse. It was basically Dances with Smurfs.
DillonDank 21 dag geleden
With a little bit of ferngully sprinkled in
Jake Smart
Jake Smart 21 dag geleden
Collingwood won the 2020 Elimination Final against the Eagles by 1 point! ⚫⚪⚫⚪
David Stutz
David Stutz 21 dag geleden
Disney owns the rights so it's 100% coming out
Scott No More
Scott No More 20 dagen geleden
Probably on Christmas to end the saga for good.
KYREE KICKS 21 dag geleden
What the point of recording 1 hour show to post 2 min clips. You could have just one camera that show majority/important people in the room and just that or the pod could have their own channel to get more NLblock revenue 💰
cgirl111 21 dag geleden
You would have to be an idiot to go sit in a movie theatre for 2.5 hours these days.
Dre Savage
Dre Savage 21 dag geleden
Uhhhhh okaaaaaay.......
CA Smith
CA Smith 21 dag geleden
Don’t doubt Cameron.
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 21 dag geleden
I really don't care if Fern Gully 2 comes out.....
OxnardMontalvo 21 dag geleden
Genuinely why would anyone be excited for these? First only did so good because it was an amazing 3d movie. It was meh for everything else
E T 21 dag geleden
@Joe lol exactly! I popped xtc and 2 gms of fungus when I saw part one in 3d! Can't wait for part 2 brooooo
Joe 21 dag geleden
take shrooms then go to avatar 2
Captain MufDyven
Captain MufDyven 21 dag geleden
My wife absolutely loves the first one and just doesn't get why I refer to it as Dances with Smurfs.
Shane Duffy
Shane Duffy 21 dag geleden
Probably because even someone who doesn't like the movies uses words like "amazing" to describe it
Toshiki Kai The Vanguard
I hope it don't come out... Did not like Avatar
MaxRealSavage 21 dag geleden
Thought this movie got canned a while ago
David Stutz
David Stutz 21 dag geleden
Disney bought the movie rights when they did that deal with fox the 3 or 4 years ago. To join spiderman and the such to the marvel cinematic universe. James Cameron was just taking his sweet sweet time but Disney forced him to finish it.
YT Aimassist
YT Aimassist 21 dag geleden
This is the best show
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 21 dag geleden
There needs to be more clips of the boys like this ! I die every time you post on. Btw go Steelers !!
Devon Marshall
Devon Marshall 21 dag geleden
Random Watcher
Random Watcher 21 dag geleden
Top 10 Pat McAfee Moments
Weergaven 3,4 mln.
We Wrecked a Rental RV...