Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu Joins The Pat McAfee Show. 

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Big thank you to Mr. Honey Badger for joining our Draft Spectacular!
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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2 mei. 2021




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WEEKDAY Dag geleden
My guy Tyrann! I'm still mad how it ended in AZ....I wish we decided to keep you that was one of the biggest mistakes we ever and Budda would have been the best safety duo in the league!
friendly video's with travis basso
Hope they don't embarrass kc fans again this year if they make the superbowl
MrMasters1983 2 dagen geleden
How long till he claims Pat is a racist?
SsrHallOfFame 2 dagen geleden
Tyrann “lost to the goat” mathieu
Larry Grecko
Larry Grecko 2 dagen geleden
Matthieu owes the GOAT a huge apology
mjac167 2 dagen geleden
Get this piece of trash off of my computer screen.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 3 dagen geleden
Honey badger is a fool. Always running his mouth and had to run to the chiefs to get a ring.
Darth Weenie
Darth Weenie 3 dagen geleden
3AsianBoi 3 dagen geleden
Disliked cause he's a liar & all he does is hold LOL
Shawn Yarborough
Shawn Yarborough 3 dagen geleden
Lmao that introduction tho
Adam Hasser
Adam Hasser 3 dagen geleden
The Cards organization messed up. They had Arians and some good pieces and basically threw all that away. I never understood why the Texans didn't keep him either. Their secondary was so bad after he left.
33TimberWolf 3 dagen geleden
Best in the league at Pass Interference! Now if he can just learn to cover...
wantitlikeair Campos
wantitlikeair Campos 3 dagen geleden
This is best hands down sport talk show no bs just entertainment thank you guy
Big Dino
Big Dino 3 dagen geleden
Overrate dont @ me
Jeremy McIntyre
Jeremy McIntyre 3 dagen geleden
Weak, I liked Mathieu until he pulled a juicy. Dude is a punk
Dr Evil
Dr Evil 3 dagen geleden
Without a doubt, one of the 3 best college football players I've ever seen. He did everything better than everyone else on defense and special teams.
riley glynn
riley glynn 4 dagen geleden
They got em on ! I've been waiting for this episode
DANIEL JUNGREN 4 dagen geleden
I've never see this guy play a game until the Super Bowl this year and after that I am convinced he is a cry-baby clown. Talent can't change a person's personality when they are a total goomba.
Joseph Watson
Joseph Watson 4 dagen geleden
We all know why we’re here... 🗣Spill it !
K1980 Pray for the world
K1980 Pray for the world 4 dagen geleden
Him and 69 should really stop sharing teeth
Nm Jayo
Nm Jayo 4 dagen geleden
He should of never tried to lay a false narrative after gettimg his ass kicked
Chandler Stiles
Chandler Stiles 4 dagen geleden
He didn't ask about the Tom brady trash talk and im sad about it lol
Dominic Maymi
Dominic Maymi 4 dagen geleden
Oh look its tom bradys son
Papa T
Papa T 4 dagen geleden
News flash! Pat McAfee said something the honey badger can’t repeat. Oh wait, it’s on tape so please delete the headline.
Marc Kalloo
Marc Kalloo 4 dagen geleden
This would of been a great time to ask about wat Brady said to tyrannn mansss really disrespected the 🐐
mikey mike
mikey mike 4 dagen geleden
tyrann just some crybaby in decline
Vance Mack
Vance Mack 4 dagen geleden
I suspect they had an agreement before the interview that 'the topic' wouldnt be brought up.
Papa T
Papa T 4 dagen geleden
Yeah, especially if it’s being recorded.
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald 4 dagen geleden
I have great respect for the way honey badger changed his life from college to pros. Being around Todd and Bruce was important as a 20 year old. Great show Pat
Terrence Gibbons33
Terrence Gibbons33 4 dagen geleden
JJ Jones
JJ Jones 4 dagen geleden
The best defensive athlete walking in a nfl jersey right now !! "The Landlord" 😂😂
Crayson Neeley
Crayson Neeley 4 dagen geleden
The rent is late and he is going to make them pay double lets go chiefs. Chiefs kingdom were ready this season
Snoochy Hoochies
Snoochy Hoochies 4 dagen geleden
“Tom Brady’s son”
Quan Henry
Quan Henry 4 dagen geleden
Mathieu looks like 69 if he made good life choices.
WEEKDAY Dag geleden
@Cam bro you took the words right out of my mouth 😂
Jeremy McIntyre
Jeremy McIntyre 3 dagen geleden
Or if he made the same choices, "fake hate crimes".
Cam 4 dagen geleden
Bruh please don’t disrespect the honey badger like dat 😭💀
Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong 4 dagen geleden
cris wood
cris wood 4 dagen geleden
Ryan White
Ryan White 4 dagen geleden
Tyrann totally changed the attitude of not only our defense, but our TEAM. Couldn't be happier that hes a Chief. One of the best free agent signings of all time in KC Chiefs history.
Drew 4 dagen geleden
He don't want none of that tom smoke bro.... rd two coming up and he coming at you all day ty...
Rondo Number9
Rondo Number9 3 dagen geleden
Calm down jamal, dont pull out the 9
BeLikeQuincy 4 dagen geleden
I would love to ask him how he feels replacing Eric Berry especially after his story and what he meant to the team.
Andrew L
Andrew L 4 dagen geleden
Frank James
Frank James 4 dagen geleden
Pat: “So, Tyrann.......did you ever find your jock strap after the move AB put on you in the Super Bowl and scored on your ass?” Tyrann: Well Pat, I felt so violated! I actually felt a little breeze....You know, down there......then I felt like.....My boys are out......Floppin’ in the breeze! You know what I mean? So I went up to Brady and said.....Hey bro, you see a strap anywhere round here? And Brady, he like....No bro, ain’t seen your missing strap, but did you see that move by AB? No Tom......I missed it.” HAH!
Marcos Galindo
Marcos Galindo 4 dagen geleden
miss u in AZ ty ❤️
Julian Harley
Julian Harley 4 dagen geleden
Hey McAfee, Happy Birthday
Patrick Asplund
Patrick Asplund 4 dagen geleden
He only agreed to the interview if he wasn't asked about Tom Bradys alleged racist rant...
captlucky 23
captlucky 23 4 dagen geleden
So awesome to actually get a player's perspective instead of idiots like skip,Steven A and whitlock
deshawndarius 4 dagen geleden
Why are y’all not hitting the like button.... help the man out you uncultured swines!
B Smith
B Smith 4 dagen geleden
Yeaaaaaa boy!! The landlord in the house.
David Hennessey
David Hennessey 4 dagen geleden
The honey-badger should be doing commercials for Crest. Mad respect for his game.
David Hennessey
David Hennessey 3 dagen geleden
@jeyland perez only respect my brother. If you rewatch the video - Honey Badger can't stop smiling. He reminds me of Shaq when he was talking about his 3 million dollar smile. Hence, I said the guy should be making commercials for Crest.... I should have said "Crest Toothpaste"
jeyland perez
jeyland perez 4 dagen geleden
@David Hennessey oh lol thought you meant like the NFL shield my bad lmaoo
David Hennessey
David Hennessey 4 dagen geleden
@jeyland perez Crest Tootpaste. The guy can't stop smiling!
jeyland perez
jeyland perez 4 dagen geleden
The crest? I have never heard that in my life... the shield 😂😂
Ben Buescher
Ben Buescher 4 dagen geleden
I used to respect this dudes game until he pulled that race baiting bs on the Super Bowl.
Darby Crashed
Darby Crashed 4 dagen geleden
I want to smoke his hair.
Mats Flotten
Mats Flotten 4 dagen geleden
He gives off Draymond Green energy
David Ahola
David Ahola 4 dagen geleden
Fantastic interview.. HUGE Tyrann Mathieu fan...!!
Jeffrey Krasney
Jeffrey Krasney 4 dagen geleden
What is it like to play against PM15 in practice - nice question! Playing against TK87 & TH10 - also in practice - Cornell Powell, next really good receiver from Clemson, to perform well in the NFL.
T S 4 dagen geleden
Been waiting for Pat to get the Honey Badger on! Now plz work on Brady, AB, Vick, Andy Reid, Peyton, Michael Irvin, or Jerry's punk a$$ lol
El Qasim Talib
El Qasim Talib 4 dagen geleden
The Honey Badger!!!
Michel Dick
Michel Dick 4 dagen geleden
Honey badger is the boy who cried wolf. Baby said Tom called me. But I’m not talking about it. To says hey idiot I’m mic’d up. He is Jessie smilet. He’s soft petty loser. Lost so he tried to say Brady’s racist. I’ll never look at him the same 🤦🏾‍♂️
Shady Grady
Shady Grady 4 dagen geleden
You have a vivid imagination . There are a lot of Fox News peeps on the message board tonight.
Markus Marchase
Markus Marchase 4 dagen geleden
Mathieu smiling looks like the sus guy meme 😂
Ge GLAaD 4 dagen geleden
What happend to watkins
Kris Hargadon
Kris Hargadon 4 dagen geleden
Glad he's on our side 🙏 go chiefs!!!!
Andrew 5 dagen geleden
Happy birthday Pat!!!
Alexander Moises
Alexander Moises 5 dagen geleden
record everything that is said
Julio Dylan Estrada
Julio Dylan Estrada 5 dagen geleden
What did Brady say to him
LK 5 dagen geleden
Tyrann very centered guy.
Morgan Rigsbee
Morgan Rigsbee 5 dagen geleden
Dude what happened with Tom Brady come on Pat You could have Ask
Patriot2020 5 dagen geleden
Got no respect for race baiters.
Jay Banks
Jay Banks 5 dagen geleden
William Anderson
William Anderson 5 dagen geleden
Sometimes I wish Pat would quit cupping balls for a second and act like a real journalist. Where the F$^# was the question: Why did you lie about Tom Brady making racist comments to you?
BILL Pracells
BILL Pracells 5 dagen geleden
Steve Karr
Steve Karr 5 dagen geleden
PAT! Dude, you had Honey Badger on the hook and didn't ask him about TB smack talking him in the SB. WTF!!!
Steve Karr
Steve Karr 3 dagen geleden
@Benjamin Rood Good point, my bad.
Benjamin Rood
Benjamin Rood 3 dagen geleden
Amazed you think Pat would have the balls to ask that.
Ninja Fly Away
Ninja Fly Away 5 dagen geleden
We need Tyreek Hill in this show!
Dj Busta Nutt
Dj Busta Nutt 4 dagen geleden
Too busy beatin his fam tho
Tracy Branson
Tracy Branson 5 dagen geleden
I love Tyrann!! He's got a big heart. Next time ask him what that butt Tom said to him during the Superbowl that he couldn't repeat.
Benny Bizzness
Benny Bizzness 4 dagen geleden
Michael Irvin has the tape since Brady was mic'd up, said it was nothing racist at all just normal trash talk and came down on Tyrann for making it seems like something it wasn't.
Alexander Moises
Alexander Moises 5 dagen geleden
Tyrann is a race baiting liar.
Travis Field
Travis Field 5 dagen geleden
hey honey badger, how is it being a soft little brat, got destroyed by brady and you cried foul cause he bitched back at you, another smollet
PrettyBoy23 5 dagen geleden
Greatest free agent acquisition ever ever in Chiefs history
My name is Marty
My name is Marty 5 dagen geleden
Hey it's that one guy that lost the super bowl.
Ninja Fly Away
Ninja Fly Away 5 dagen geleden
Its crazy how many people hate this dude just for a decent game againts the greatest cheater of all time who we all know he always needs the help of the refs to win.
Shady Grady
Shady Grady 4 dagen geleden
@Susan Maggiora He does not understand what you are saying because he does not believe in Science !
Susan Maggiora
Susan Maggiora 4 dagen geleden
Brandon Taylor Salt lowers the freezing temperature of water. Therefore it’s not gonna make a snowflake.
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 5 dagen geleden
damn bro leave some salt for someone else you must be one of those salty snowflakes ive heard of
Abel Hernandez
Abel Hernandez 5 dagen geleden
I'm here just hate watching cause love pat/hate the badger 🤣
Calvin Hawkins
Calvin Hawkins 5 dagen geleden
Nice of you to have Tom Brady's son on the show, Pat.
Playa from the Himalayas
Playa from the Himalayas 4 dagen geleden
An illegitimate
Oggo 5 dagen geleden
Luis 5 dagen geleden
Honey Badger Smollett
why tho
why tho 5 dagen geleden
Why you gonna have a crybaby like him on got his ass handed too in the superbowl, there gonna lose in the play offs this year 🤣
Doug Bailey
Doug Bailey 5 dagen geleden
Brady > Mathieu
MagicTouch 5 dagen geleden
Pat shows his guests the most respect and hospitality I love pat show
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 4 dagen geleden
For reals that’s why him and Adam cole are best friends lmao
Tom Behnke
Tom Behnke 5 dagen geleden
Players like this seem so much different when you actually listen to them on interviews like this. Only knew the dude from on field antics. Judged him on that and I didn't like him. I enjoy him a little bit now. It's okay to judge people on what you know and see. Just be open to knowing and seeing (and hearing) more! The judge again. :-)
Wonder Beard
Wonder Beard 5 dagen geleden
Hbd pat
Mr. Bubas
Mr. Bubas 5 dagen geleden
Tyrann “Smollet” Mathieu 😂
Gabe G
Gabe G 4 dagen geleden
John Truxal
John Truxal 4 dagen geleden
Miley smollett garrett
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 4 dagen geleden
Flamingo Dahlia
Flamingo Dahlia 5 dagen geleden
Ah yes, Tyrann Smollett
Nick Saban
Nick Saban 5 dagen geleden
no questions about trying allude to Brady saying something racist?
Papa T
Papa T 4 dagen geleden
No, Mathieu knew they were all micd up.
bagoboy24 5 dagen geleden
Honeybadger is a great player, but that move that Antonio brown put on him for the td in the superbowl showed why AB is the best WR in the game, and a is the best, ppl jus 4got cuz he been out 4 a while
Eric 5 dagen geleden
Man I wanna see Pat talk about the absolute fuckin UNIT of a punter the Steelers drafted. Dude has a cannon on him and is 5’11 260!!
Junoo 7
Junoo 7 5 dagen geleden
Dude he has a rocket for a leg
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 5 dagen geleden
To me he will always be just another guy that beaked off Tom Brady and paid for it.
AHTalk 4 dagen geleden
@Drew Forbes yep, I think it was a holding or PI on one of the corners. I remember that play it was more of a bounce off the receiver I think
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 5 dagen geleden
@Drew Forbes right. Called back. Don't be so butt hurt. KC got smoked.
Drew Forbes
Drew Forbes 5 dagen geleden
@Brian Johnston no there was definitely a called back INT/swat
Ryan C
Ryan C 5 dagen geleden
@Drew Forbes no
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 5 dagen geleden
@Drew Forbes no interception, he took PIs and gave up the clinching td to Brown.
lilwrath8 5 dagen geleden
Happy birthday Pat
G Unit
G Unit 5 dagen geleden
Shame you didn’t ask this bum about why he blatantly lied about what Brady said to him in the super bowl... guy’s a clown
Bill Meehan
Bill Meehan 5 dagen geleden
Mathieu asserted that Brady said a racial slur to him. Then the audio came out proving him a liar. The race baiter is a POS.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 5 dagen geleden
Honeybadger aging into a honeybee not even the best can over come father time. Hes missing a step clearly. But man ot has been entertaining watching his career college especially
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark 5 dagen geleden
"Dey to dey"..... love that Louisiana sound!
M 0113
M 0113 5 dagen geleden
What was it that tom brady said to him again????? Il wait
Alexander Moises
Alexander Moises 4 dagen geleden
he's got a stupid hair cut
Ana Maria Roa
Ana Maria Roa 5 dagen geleden
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ'
CorHen 5 dagen geleden
Happy Birthday Pat!!!!!!!
villen 5 dagen geleden
Tyrann: I don’t like the nickname Honey Badger Everyone: anyway, we have Honey Badger with us today.
Faris Talukdar
Faris Talukdar 4 dagen geleden
He did say last season he was ok with the nickname now, he came in wanting to make a name as himself first if that makes sense
John Truxal
John Truxal 5 dagen geleden
Ah yes the guy that tried implying Brady called him racist names and then bytches up when he found out Brady was micd up.....🤔
QWERTY Loc 5 dagen geleden
“The Landlord” is actually a bad ass name for a defender... out on the field taxing that ass lol 👊🏾🦾😂
Brother Finn
Brother Finn 5 dagen geleden
An Hawk looks like a mafia boss