Was Pat McAfee Wrong To Blame Al Riveron For NFL Ref Issues? 

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Was Al Riveron REALLY not to blame for the bad calls last year?
This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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29 sep. 2020




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Fuzzyundies 9 dagen geleden
The thing I love about this the most, besides the laughs obviously, is the proof that people can have a deep seeded thought, but still be open to new information/different angles that are contrary and then actually listening and processing. There may be hope for humanity still 🤣🤣💝
Alec Hyre
Alec Hyre 19 dagen geleden
He really told Pat to shut up on his own show 😂😂😂😂
kevin rozewicz
kevin rozewicz 21 dag geleden
How Al Riveron has a job is beyond me. He’s beyond terrible to the point the NFL looks fixed.
johnp85tx 22 dagen geleden
4:43 pats laugh had me rollin
Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher 22 dagen geleden
This will be bigger then your Jimmy Fallon Ellen Degenerate shows mark my words why? Because it’s authentic & FUNNY ASF. small jokes but says what the real football fans feel not in a coaching sensitive way like ESPN shows who are scared to lose their jobs. Keep going Punter i got faith in u!
Seth Newlin
Seth Newlin 22 dagen geleden
Pereira defending Riveron just shows what we already knew and what Pat has been saying since last season. The refs are all ‘ole boys and they won’t publicly denounce a bad call even if they know it was the wrong call. Al Riveron decided that he is just gonna “look out for his guys” and refuse to use the review system as intended rather than potentially overturn a call another official made. The refs know as long as they all stick together and refuse to out each other, even if it impacts the outcome of the game, they have the ball in their court. It’s loyalty to themselves above the honesty of the game
TwinSpinner 22 dagen geleden
Maaaaaaan this whole clip was savage 😂😂
Caleb Shaw
Caleb Shaw 23 dagen geleden
They got Bill Murray on the show?
Karl Renner
Karl Renner 23 dagen geleden
As a fan I loved the pass interference replay rule and agree with Pat that the concept was good but the execution was gawd awful. Fans shouldn't be sitting on their couches seeing blatant pass interference in a replay and hearing nothing called. "It wasn't big enough for me to call." is an excuse.
sterling bowers
sterling bowers 24 dagen geleden
Why does mike Pereira look and sound like an old Johnny knocksville??
ImYoutubing247 24 dagen geleden
He’s Cuban so he’s probably smoking a cigar??? Wow. Imagine if he said he’s black so he’s probably eating chicken. Double standard
C 25 dagen geleden
LOL thank you Pat for standing up to this moron.
Tyrex 25 dagen geleden
RiggedFL. It's pretty obvious what's going on when they have to call New York to get Vegas's take on the calls.
xXMc1ovinXx 25 dagen geleden
heres the thing....not a single pass interference got called on the reviews, if it had a few ones here and there okay, but not once did he make the correct call
Biggamane Da Beast
Biggamane Da Beast 25 dagen geleden
Damn he burned him with a straight face and proceeded to sip his coffee. "Proceed with your question"
taiwanthebest 25 dagen geleden
Mike is savage.
Justa Servant
Justa Servant 25 dagen geleden
My mans Pereira drinking out of two different cups. I'll definitely have what he's drinking cause his jokes are 🔥🔥🔥 "go kick one into a net" ... "you built like Al" 😅
wkyken 25 dagen geleden
I absolutely agree with Mike. The way the Competition Committee set up the pass interference reviews, no human being would have made every review decision correctly. Al Riveron was DOOMED from the very start, and he didn't make every review decision correctly against that background. When the owners voted to rescind the PI reviews, their only mistake was failing to leave in ONE aspect -- the timing of the contact between receiver and defender vs. the arrival of the pass. As it stands in 2020, the NFL is using 2018 policies, which means NOTHING is in place to handle another Rams-Saints no-call debacle.
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice 25 dagen geleden
Didn’t know Mike was cut like that 😂
The BigPhish
The BigPhish 25 dagen geleden
The JRE of sports shows. Love Pat's interview style.
bigeazy421 25 dagen geleden
The game has gotten to fast for these senile ass refs to keep up with nowadays. Put someone in the booth to fix missed or wrong calls.
Sosa Brito
Sosa Brito 25 dagen geleden
On the road to A MILLIOONNNNNN!!
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez 26 dagen geleden
so basically the reason why that challenge of PI sucked is because the nfl was worried about refs blatantly fixing playoff games. so in their insecurity they wanted to make sure PI challenges were looked at by a greater impact than the actual penalty..... yeah that sounds like the nfl... perfect fuckery of stupidity.
america360able 26 dagen geleden
Mike Pereira has no chill 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂
K Preme
K Preme 26 dagen geleden
Yo dud cool asf
d nizzle
d nizzle 26 dagen geleden
Damn mike needs to be a regular he takes it and dishes it out so well! Too fuckin funny
K O 26 dagen geleden
this is an all-time clip of the show
Catalan500 _
Catalan500 _ 26 dagen geleden
“You’re BUILT like Al Riveron” I’m ded😂
zist410 26 dagen geleden
You're build like al riveron, what's your question
Justin Whitmore
Justin Whitmore 26 dagen geleden
Hahaha Mike Pereira is the man I had no idea.
Trenton Warner
Trenton Warner 26 dagen geleden
Mike Pereira is a savage
Miserable Goat
Miserable Goat 26 dagen geleden
"Your Built Like Al Riveron"..Priceless
Miserable Goat
Miserable Goat 26 dagen geleden
"I've never felt Dumber, than when I imagined myself as Al Riveron"....
Giovanni Trejo
Giovanni Trejo 26 dagen geleden
Mike said the rule was bad not the execution yet the examples he gave were all about the execution
E J 26 dagen geleden
The execution was poor. If you want people to side with the refs make it transparent, let us hear what they are saying and seeing!
Kendall G
Kendall G 26 dagen geleden
Why he roasted that guy like that😂😂😂😂
Yong Kang Yeo
Yong Kang Yeo 26 dagen geleden
Better than the debate
Big Kerv
Big Kerv 26 dagen geleden
This guy us awesome
jacob lydamore
jacob lydamore 26 dagen geleden
both him and al riveron are ref apologist
Alexander Chavez
Alexander Chavez 26 dagen geleden
Mike actually a legend for this. Had his boys back and was roasting everyone what a good guest
Reznov 1911
Reznov 1911 26 dagen geleden
Kevin Sargent
Kevin Sargent 26 dagen geleden
Keep refs off the show. These guys are up their own ass.
Trace Conlon
Trace Conlon 26 dagen geleden
Nick refs have a easy role book to follow and still get it wrong
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez 26 dagen geleden
One of the best interviews you've ever had! 🔥💯
Piddles McGee
Piddles McGee 26 dagen geleden
If a ref stumbles announcing the first flag of the game you know there is gonna be some dicey calls
LeBreezy2324 26 dagen geleden
The stiff face after he got roasted 😳🤣🤣
Riq 26 dagen geleden
“Shut up” 😂😂😂
Jacaso Asheland
Jacaso Asheland 26 dagen geleden
The refs make decisions in miliseconds. So why does it take 10 minutes to review something on replay??? Have a guy with a Microsoft tablet upstairs reviewing every play as soon as they blow the whistle. Refs should collaborate via ear-piece with the eye in the sky to conclude if there's a foul or not. It shouldn't take less than 30 seconds
Joel Farley
Joel Farley 26 dagen geleden
“Ok I’m blind” 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
ashasha3 26 dagen geleden
OK, so how many of us expected to be busting at the seams laughing during an interview about instant replay?
Robert Leite
Robert Leite 26 dagen geleden
Zito: *asks a question* Mike Pereira: “ima end this mans whole career*
taiwanthebest 25 dagen geleden
BigPapiDamian 26 dagen geleden
And sip my mug after. Straight G
SomeBBCAction 26 dagen geleden
J C 26 dagen geleden
Didn’t know Mike Pereira was a savage
Jamie Mills
Jamie Mills 26 dagen geleden
So the competition committee guys screwed us all, who can find their names?
Randy Timmer
Randy Timmer 26 dagen geleden
Just like every official or referee "politician" he's completely backward! Or their payed off.. So the moment or the call wasn't big enough to get involved? So what about the entire game of Super bowl 40.. what about that!!?
isaac ramirez
isaac ramirez 26 dagen geleden
Man the way Pat gets his gets his guests to just open up and let the lead fly is the best!
Sean Sherman
Sean Sherman 26 dagen geleden
Mike was overthinking it. Al just didnt want to have the refs look bad by correcting calls period.
Rh Hr
Rh Hr 26 dagen geleden
Almost to one million Pat. Let's go. I'll be here when you get there and after you pass 1 million.
John Tedrow
John Tedrow 26 dagen geleden
Lets be honest the ref that said Roethlisberger was short on that 3rd down run when he was clearly a yard past the first down marker made me wanna throw my TV out of my second story window
josh cole
josh cole 26 dagen geleden
So keep the standard the same
josh cole
josh cole 26 dagen geleden
What a shill
Benjamin Tetreault
Benjamin Tetreault 26 dagen geleden
Alberto riveron is still my pick for stooge of the decade
Alfred Arroyo
Alfred Arroyo 26 dagen geleden
Make Unlce Mike a weekly guest!!
Trill25 Mane
Trill25 Mane 26 dagen geleden
Mike P seem coo as fuk
Ishmael Thompson
Ishmael Thompson 26 dagen geleden
That exchange probably gave us insight on how the officials and players talk.
IMightBeBiased 26 dagen geleden
"Go ahead. What was your question." *Quaffs a mug full of Zito's tears*
ThePlyrMava 26 dagen geleden
100% Mike was wrong to defend Al. The execution was poor, it was a great idea that the refs colluded against to sabotage
mrmacross 26 dagen geleden
I think if Mike didn't defend Al Riveron, then the NFL would call FOX, and FOX would have a sit-down conversation with Mike.
Jimmy McGee
Jimmy McGee 26 dagen geleden
I love the execution of the “Shuttup” at 1:29
David Eggleston
David Eggleston 26 dagen geleden
Was the higher standard even part of the rule? I can't find the text anymore, just news articles describing it, but the only language I see in there is that there had to be "clear and obvious visual evidence." However, that's the standard for ALL challenges. Better get rid of challenging completions, there's a different standard on review. Turnovers? Sorry, "clear and obvious visual evidence" is a different standard.
Ryan 26 dagen geleden
4:30 can I get an F for Z? My man got his soul took with that roast.
Evets Zerimar
Evets Zerimar 26 dagen geleden
“Go kick one into the kicking net” lol Prolly still can lol
MORNING BREW 26 dagen geleden
Dudes a stttuuuuuggggeeee!!!! Sticking up for his old position even tho he’s wrong and knows it deep down but the burn at the end.... EPIC!!!!!!!!
Val 26 dagen geleden
Mike Pereira - The Savage Stooge
AttilatheThrilla 26 dagen geleden
Too many stupid pointless rules... LET THE GROWN MEN PLAY!!
g4tviscool 26 dagen geleden
I want the whole interview with Mike Periera. He is the best head of officiating and should have been paid more for the crap he dealt with.
PMS Store
PMS Store 26 dagen geleden
Grant Day
Grant Day 26 dagen geleden
Man I wanted to hear the end about Robinson's "touchback"
Joe 26 dagen geleden
The refs and the league are one. And they are a joke
Dustin Woolley
Dustin Woolley 26 dagen geleden
Please have him on the show again. Lmao mike is a savage "your built like al riveron" 🤣😅
Tokekage 26 dagen geleden
AL was on a power trip!
Feed Taylor28
Feed Taylor28 26 dagen geleden
Refs have actually been pretty good this year. Meanwhile MLB umpires literal dogshit
Ty Lito
Ty Lito 26 dagen geleden
He said shut up 😂😂😂
PackerManForLife 26 dagen geleden
0:55 McAfee nailed it. The rule was great, but the refs never changed the calls, even when they were wrong
dougEfresh 26 dagen geleden
Yeah, seems like they just took the safe bet if they truly had the final say.
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 26 dagen geleden
Damn Pat is getting big names as guests this year. Please bring Kittle, he is the most ''McAfee and the boys'' guy in the NFL.
Scott No More
Scott No More 26 dagen geleden
Al Riveron sus Is sus Vote Riveron Riveron was not an imposter
Zucchini bread
Zucchini bread 26 dagen geleden
“Maybe I treated you too harshly”
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85 26 dagen geleden
Pat, you gotta extend a courtesy interview to Al Riveron now. Send the message and hope he answers.
Euro Guy 85
Euro Guy 85 26 dagen geleden
More entertaining than anything on ESPN any day
Zac Ballas
Zac Ballas 26 dagen geleden
Couldn't agree more with Pat on this one. But Mikey was savage at the end of this clip. Yeeesh
Zac Ballas
Zac Ballas 24 dagen geleden
@NotProTho Only Gnome Child could have said it better
NotProTho 25 dagen geleden
sips from his cup “go ahead what was your question”😂😂😂😂😂
Random Dude
Random Dude 26 dagen geleden
Clown siding with clowns.
Cole Wagner
Cole Wagner 26 dagen geleden
When mike told pat to shut up, I spit out my water out of pure laughter
Jason McGrath
Jason McGrath 23 dagen geleden
This old man out savaged and was funnier then the whole crew. Well done
Nick Roth
Nick Roth 26 dagen geleden
Zito shoved into a body bag
monte mcelroy
monte mcelroy 26 dagen geleden
Although I only ref high school level football I will say this....its harder than it looks...playing and watching the game is the easy part
Kendall Borders
Kendall Borders 26 dagen geleden
This might be my favorite interaction yet.
TXBHenleyFan 26 dagen geleden
Shots fired......😳
numberoneballer 26 dagen geleden
They need to make PI 15 yards again. It is too much to get that many yards.
T. S
T. S 26 dagen geleden
@numberoneballer that's already part of the rule. The problem is the rule is too broad. Needs to be 1 sentence max.
numberoneballer 26 dagen geleden
@T. S they need to make it so you cant hold your hands on each other when the ball is in the air. Both offense and defense.
T. S
T. S 26 dagen geleden
@numberoneballer I just think the definition needs to be more strict and less grey and up to the refs. Make it as simple as the clear path foul in the NBA.
numberoneballer 26 dagen geleden
@T. S I get that, but it is such a bail out, and refs call it so inconsistently.
T. S
T. S 26 dagen geleden
Then if you were a DB wouldn't you just foul the WR everytime a play was over 15 yards so that they can't get a huge play?
Nayan N
Nayan N 26 dagen geleden
The Al Riveron hate show
BagelHero420 26 dagen geleden
This was hilarious, you gotta have him back on the show
Brad Ruszala
Brad Ruszala 26 dagen geleden
Douche. Bag. Shades.
Kolten Harper
Kolten Harper 26 dagen geleden
Better yet. Don't do the pi review. Just make it a set yardage penalty like it should be
Referees Are Ruining The NFL