You Got Us To 1 Million Subs, We Want To Give You $100,000 

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Send us a screenshot showing you are subscribed to the NLblock AND a screenshot of your favorite video of ours on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #OneOfMcAfeesMillion to enter the contest!
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7 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Tasi Wilson
Tasi Wilson 8 dagen geleden
Did they pick the winners yet?
Connor McKeon
Connor McKeon 9 dagen geleden
When are winners announced?
jonathanexplosive 11 dagen geleden
When's the drawings? (:
Jackie Crathers II
Jackie Crathers II 11 dagen geleden
When do you pick a winner?
Bob Duffner
Bob Duffner 12 dagen geleden
Pat you are incredible and what you do for the community is unmatched. Keep it up and can’t wait to celebrate 2m subs. Easy answer is the RV video followed closely by your edible flight to London. For the brand!!
Brandon Conley
Brandon Conley 13 dagen geleden
Am I too late? I just shared on instagram. It was easy for me. The fuckin rv wreck will always be favorite. I go back and watch it all the time.
Brady Phillips
Brady Phillips 13 dagen geleden
My favorite video was the Adam Cole interview, it was really entertaining
MCoop305 14 dagen geleden
If you screenshot your favorite video doesn’t that already show that your subscribed?
Jamie 14 dagen geleden
when will they announce the winners
Collin Roan
Collin Roan 14 dagen geleden
PAT I dont use social media, but my girl literally made one so I could use it just for this! lol.
timmay hans
timmay hans 14 dagen geleden
sadly i dont use twitter or instragram but congrats anways favorite video has to be the 2020 draft video favorite part was everyones reaction to green bay packers choice(and they moved up in draft to get him lul)
Goo Jun Pyo
Goo Jun Pyo 14 dagen geleden
Can i screenshot this because this is my favorite video
wutwut wut
wutwut wut 15 dagen geleden
If I don't win, Skip will blame it on Aaron Rodgers for not giving his juju vibes to a fan. (Congrats on the 1m, your show is so far and away a better sports show than anything on ESPN and FOX. Its nice to hear a convo between two people who dont yell over each other)
Ty R
Ty R 15 dagen geleden
A million, I remember when he was @ 20k and thinking he will blow up soon & now he has! Congrats! Best show on NLblock
Fean 15 dagen geleden
If i make an IG or Twitter to enter i'll end up single lol sucks i can't enter this and i'm a Mafia member
HerbGrowingLegal 15 dagen geleden
Done ✅🥂
John McCall
John McCall 15 dagen geleden
So, anyone who is a subscriber but is not on Twitter or Instagram isn't eligible? That blows. Why punish us?
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 16 dagen geleden
For people who love your show but us older folks don’t do instagram or Twitter I wish there was a way for us to enter your contest. Maybe we could text the info to you......
Justin Pecina
Justin Pecina 16 dagen geleden
I don't have Instagram or Twitter but love the show Pat! Keep keeping it real brother.
Ethan Niedorowski
Ethan Niedorowski 16 dagen geleden
Been with you forever just dont do insta.twit... sad day.... word of mouth strong in maine for you boys # you tube is where we watch strange way to do it.
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez 16 dagen geleden
I dont have Instagram or twitter... does facebook count 😂
Michael Allen
Michael Allen 16 dagen geleden
Damn it Pat, I want a chance at $100,000 but that's way too much work
Shartz Freely
Shartz Freely 16 dagen geleden
I went with the rv story “We took the roof off the MetLife!”
Daniel Chain
Daniel Chain 16 dagen geleden
When does the giveaway end?
macray urish
macray urish 16 dagen geleden
The rv crash easily. I live in an RV boys and that would have been equivalent to a hurricane hitting my bedroom. Posted on Instagram 🙏
James Mellon
James Mellon 16 dagen geleden
I LOVE THE SHOW, TELL EVERYONE I KNOW HERE IN TEXAS ABOUT YOU BRO. But I don't do the tweeter or Instagram. Yall keep up the awesome job guys!!!!
AI 3
AI 3 16 dagen geleden
Ooh yeah and I have been a sub on the youtube but that is the only things that I have as social media .
AI 3
AI 3 16 dagen geleden
Hello there I don't know if I'll get a response but what if I don't have none of those social media if I make one just for that purpose would I still be considered? Thanks .
dylliedutch 16 dagen geleden
NLblock got you to a million. Not Instagram or Twitter. Bullsh!t giveaway. Good call on waiting a few days after passing a million. Would have been funny if a few thousand people got salty enough to unsubscribe and put you back below a million out of spite. Seems like something your subscribers would do just to prove a point.
Samir Timilsina
Samir Timilsina 16 dagen geleden
My favourite video is any video on the Metlife incident.
SuperJohn12354 16 dagen geleden
Who's the 28 doochbags that didn't like someone giving away $100,000, Pats wife? Pats Accountant?
Jake Despres
Jake Despres 16 dagen geleden
I think this is tampering
Chickengenius420 17 dagen geleden
Congratulations and who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals
FootlesShark 17 dagen geleden
It’s cool seeing you give back to your community!
John Smid
John Smid 17 dagen geleden
Just giving you a heads up but papa meags was back out kicking all the missed field goals from week 1!! Love all your content man and glad I’m old enough to remember watching you play with mad swagger!
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett 17 dagen geleden
Congrats Pat and the boys!!
cale lively
cale lively 17 dagen geleden
Welp this counts me out I use neither of those social media platforms
FrostyBoi 17 dagen geleden
Been watching your clips every day for as long as I can remember. Ty Schmidts reaction to the Jordan Love pick will always be my favorite as a Lions fan.
Matt Gorski
Matt Gorski 17 dagen geleden
What if we don't use Instagram or Twitter?
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 17 dagen geleden
Ay never mind, I’m fine wit a 1k prize😂💯
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 17 dagen geleden
Bro just let me get 40k for school🤦🏾‍♂️
Kyle Beecher
Kyle Beecher 17 dagen geleden
This just shows you... Punters are people too! Congrats Pat on the millions.... and millions of Pat Mcafee fans.
Death Wing
Death Wing 17 dagen geleden
Id take 7k to pay off my debts
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie 17 dagen geleden
1:59 I quit my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
TheUnsilentMajority Bigmouth
Twitter and Instagram is the devil, but congratulations on 1million
Zane_41 Voelker
Zane_41 Voelker 17 dagen geleden
I haven’t been here for to long but I love football and I saw the day that pat kicked a ball to himself and I was like that guy is a elite kicker, thanks for all the laughs and such a great podcast love watching this everyday
Leandro Costa
Leandro Costa 17 dagen geleden
i wish i could win, but i watch from brazil and i don't use other social media..
PAINTnPONG 17 dagen geleden
How can we get thanked for growing your NLblock? Go boost us on other platforms now, because like thanks or whatever. About as classy as I’d expect from a punter and his coattail riders I guess
Smiles J
Smiles J 17 dagen geleden
This is awesome! Been following for nearly 1 year
Benjamin Goff
Benjamin Goff 17 dagen geleden
Can you post it on your insta story?
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 17 dagen geleden
I need this bread.
SKO Show
SKO Show 17 dagen geleden
I’m always gonna be subscribed on NLblock but I ain’t gonna have a Twitter or Instagram. The giveaway is awesome of the boys and I hope it goes to some people who live For The Brand 🤙
Matt Stah
Matt Stah 17 dagen geleden
Best episode was live draft night when mel kiper snapped
Luke Bieri
Luke Bieri 17 dagen geleden
Does it have to be a Instagram post or can it be on your story?
akaFarva 17 dagen geleden
Best video is when he went around to the bois and gave them all a backpack of $50,000 imo
Norman Thomas III
Norman Thomas III 17 dagen geleden
Put that on my instagram story, you could call that a trick play, but if you are like Troy Polumalu ... youll know what to do ;)
George Pill
George Pill 17 dagen geleden
Like the recent @pill_george on Instagram
james randolph
james randolph 17 dagen geleden
You guys are awesome
Trunkten 26
Trunkten 26 17 dagen geleden
The top prize should of been to stand in the C gap
KiwiVoodoo 17 dagen geleden
this international or just usa?
Kafe Wheel Chock
Kafe Wheel Chock 17 dagen geleden
Shorsey Letterkenny
Shorsey Letterkenny 17 dagen geleden
Had to create an Instagram acct for this. Com'on big money!
Daleyn Bruce
Daleyn Bruce 17 dagen geleden
See I would totally try, but there's no way in hell I win, I can't even win a 50/50 chance 🤦‍♂️
RushingNation 1
RushingNation 1 17 dagen geleden
Why is it that giveaways always have to be on twitter or instagram. I don’t have either. Good luck guys and I wish you the best of luck.
Nate P
Nate P 17 dagen geleden
Congrats pat. Always enjoy your knowledge as a former player and the great guests you bring on (More Ike please!)
cyfer003 17 dagen geleden
I’m not picky I’ll take whatever money you give me 😅
Brandon Jaramillo
Brandon Jaramillo 17 dagen geleden
I don’t have social media 😭
JDub Josh Dubreuil
JDub Josh Dubreuil 17 dagen geleden
Don't use those platforms... But still happy to ride with you boys no matter what... Good luck to everyone
OG Bean
OG Bean 17 dagen geleden
I'm old and don't have any social media I've been riding with mcafee since He was a Colt so what do I need to do??
Stealthee 3k
Stealthee 3k 17 dagen geleden
Looks like I might have to finally make an IG so I can enter.
Chris O'Donnell
Chris O'Donnell 17 dagen geleden
What about the people who genuinely dont have social media ?
Edmond Hsaio
Edmond Hsaio 17 dagen geleden
welp, time to create an instagram acct. I just hope that they don't give the prizes to the top 52 ppl with the most followers or w/e. Pray for the little guy! or gals out there
Raansu 17 dagen geleden
Creating a twitter or insta account? Gross, no thanks lol.
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes 17 dagen geleden
Love this Show!
DANIEL 17 dagen geleden
Yoooo Pat ! Ive been a subscriber sense the 400k days . But I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram.
All Over The Lake
All Over The Lake 17 dagen geleden
What ever! I got over 500 subscribers in 6 months! Jealous Pat? .... You are!😀
Boz Bozman
Boz Bozman 17 dagen geleden
I already won the prize... don’t bother entering
Ken Gregory
Ken Gregory 17 dagen geleden
Been a fan of your stand up comedy!!!
Benjamin Marsh
Benjamin Marsh 17 dagen geleden
Just posted on Instagram. I'm hyped!!! Love the show keep doing what you're doing Pat
Cassius King
Cassius King 17 dagen geleden
I am and have been praying that I win since I heard about and my daughter can use this now.
Joe E
Joe E 17 dagen geleden
one of mcafees million (AND MILLIONS!)
wayne percifield
wayne percifield 17 dagen geleden
The vote is faked. It's rigged. I'm not going to accept the results
Danny Krypto
Danny Krypto 17 dagen geleden
When will we know someone is picked? What’s the deadline ?
Jon Miller
Jon Miller 17 dagen geleden
Just give me 500 and A auto jersey I’m happy
PumpkinSpiceLatte 17 dagen geleden
I could just photoshop that I am subbed. Just saying
AFC SAMBO RAMBO 17 dagen geleden
Big yourself up pat from England ! 🇬🇧🇺🇸
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper 17 dagen geleden
Then give me 100k dollars, thanks.
John Truxal
John Truxal 17 dagen geleden
Who still uses twitter and Instagram ?? Your 1 million subscribers are on youtube...give the prizes to 1 of them....
Angus Johnson
Angus Johnson 17 dagen geleden
Good luck guys, this is amazing
Cameron Santiago
Cameron Santiago 17 dagen geleden
What If I win all of the prizes?
saintconnor 17 dagen geleden
nfl draft special has to be the best episode, angry mel kiper :D
Fernando Carrasco
Fernando Carrasco 17 dagen geleden
Just created insta account for this...
Sullivaineus 17 dagen geleden
Thank you for the chance to win!
Trey Carpenter
Trey Carpenter 17 dagen geleden
This is the greatest thing Pat will ever do. Well, other than recover his own onside kick. Obviously...
whotippedmycows 17 dagen geleden
Thank you for this and for your show!
Love & MariJane
Love & MariJane 17 dagen geleden
Pat love your show!!! But I only need $20k 🤣🤣🤣🙏🏽
B D 17 dagen geleden
Created a twitter account just for this! Good luck everyone!
Evander Frey
Evander Frey 17 dagen geleden
Damnit pat you made me join Twitter just for this. I've held out for almost a decade now.
Alex Matev
Alex Matev 17 dagen geleden
Same here.
Insurance Agent Juan
Insurance Agent Juan 17 dagen geleden
Done deal.
Jkallday52 17 dagen geleden
Damn 100k would be nice lol